AR—Spider-Man Comes to Softjourn

Augmented Reality—Spider-Man Comes to Softjourn

May 17, 2019 by Softjourn

Engaging the audience at events has become easier with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), voice recognition (VR), streaming live video, and, of course, augmented reality (AR).

AR melds digital components with a person's perception of the real world.As the virtual and real worlds coexist, AR can be a valuable tool for increasing involvement in everyday activities.

The Need

As software developers, the Softjourn team is keenly interested in technology innovations and working with our developer clients to meet their customers’ needs. For this internal proof of concept, we took a closer look at AR and how it could be used to engage fans in a mobile ticketing environment. We decided to create a 3D model that ticketing app users could interact with on screen—taking photos, for example. We thought the “wow” factor would be undeniable, and we were right.  

The Solution

We had not worked with SceneKit, a 3D rendering framework before. To meet that challenge, we used Adobe Mixamo to apply animations to an existing 3D model.We also developed the iOS native application that displays the 3D model and allows users to move it and view it from different angles.

Our first model, Batman, was a simple, static figure. We later decided to expand functionality and created Spider-Man, which can move, dance, and even smile slightly. By tapping the model, users can either read or listen to brief information about the model’s activities. 

ARKit provides everything developers need to transform apps built on familiar technologies, make them engaging and create a ‘real-world’ experience. The app we just developed for this proof of concept was much more exciting than we ever expected.

Maksym Horodivskyi Softjourn iOS developer


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