What Kind of Purchase Should I Make on My Credit Card?

What Kind of Purchase Should I Make on My Credit Card?

April 25, 2019 by Softjourn

Credit cards can be used for any kind of purchase, especially suitable for expensive items such as travels or appliances because you can purchase them without taking time to save up in advance.

The Top Six Items to Purchase using a Credit Card1:

Category Products/Services Reason
Appliances and Electronics

Laptops, Computers, Electronic gadgets (e.g. smartphones, tablets, etc.), home appliances (fridge, washing machine, etc.)

Extended warranties; Price matching (e.g If cardholders buy a laptop which is more expensive than the market price, they could get the refund on the difference of cost); Purchase protection by getting covered loss and theft

Service Provider Purchases

Exterior/interior design, Car wash, Cleaning 

Chargeback on disputed purchases 
Fragile or breakable items

Glass picture frames, Drinking glasses, Plates, Glass artworks, Wine and liquid bottles

Get covered the loss partly 
Travel expenses

Travel insurance, Trip cancellation service, Medical assistance, Car rental service

Reward points to redeem for special offers (free flights/hotel stays, discount on car rentals,etc.)
Online Purchases All purchases made via the Internet Fraud/Identity theft protection
Recurring bills

Electronic, Water, Mortgage, Housing

On-time payments by only paying one credit card bill each month, Reward points

1Peterson E. (2011, May 10). 6 Types of Purchases You Should Always Charge on Your Credit Card [Blog post].

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