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Whenever you have an excellent idea of a software solution but don’t know what to do with it, we are here to help. For more than a decade, we have been providing software-related services supporting our clients’ toughest challenges. With our support as a trusted partner, you will increase revenue by improving or releasing new services.

Consulting Consulting


Code Audits

Are you wondering if you should put more resources into upgrading an old code base with new features or rebuild it from scratch? The answer may hinge on a combination of the quality of the initial code base, how well the code has been maintained in the intervening time, and how much software technologies have advanced.

This decision point is often the motivation for our clients' request for a code audit. This service provides an objective analysis of the code quality and ease with which it can be enhanced. While evaluating the code we consider: correctness, security, performance, maintainability and compliance. We can give you the confidence to move forward decisively.

Software Development Software Development

Software Development

Creative Approaches for Solutions for Any Idea

We always find a creative approach to any solution. What makes our team so creative? Our experience, looking for a solution together with many people from various backgrounds and with different experience, realizing that no idea is too far fetched—dreaming, brainstorming, fighting—all these aspects set the stage for idea generation. 

For Softjourn, it all started with financial software development services. With deep experience in retail banking applications, our first client was an online money transfer system. Since that time, our team has completed many more projects for clients in different spheres of financial services, fintech solutions and ticketing.

Application Maintenance Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance

Work Together to Move You Ahead

Not only do we create innovative solutions for our clients, but what is even more important for us, is to continue working with them following deployment. All things covered, including fixing issues, updating the application, improving performance and efficiency, as well as enhancing with new features that keep you ahead in the market.

Trust our knowledge and many years of experience to ensure the stability of your solutions.

System Integration System Integration

System Integration

Simplicity Is a Key to Success?

Make the most of your existing solutions keeping the whole environment simple.  At Softjourn, we are ready to integrate different solutions into one ecosystem, which goes straight to better management of solutions and services. We can help you to provide more effective services and get more profits. We integrate data and APIs on a daily basis. Our skilled software engineers built modern architectures to make different components talk with each other without any issues.

Secure Software to Gain Trust

Asking your users to run your app is asking for their trust. These users may be your customers or their employees. They are likely a crucial resource. If there is a security breach, you will be blamed, even if it is due to the actions of another user. When our clients ask us to design or implement apps to be run by your users, we take that responsibility seriously.

API Development

API is necessary for any software solution. It is an integral component that facilitates reliable interaction between computer hardware, databases and software components. At Softjourn, we understand the growing importance of API for business. Developing creative solutions to our clients for over a decade, we’ve become experts in this field.

Quality Assurance

Testing is important because the quality of software is important. A bug can disrupt your business entirely or it can allow security breaches that may jeopardize your users’ data. At best, it can annoy your users so that they are less likely to return. But testing is tedious. We know how to make you successful with it.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We help our clients to build smart backup solutions, protecting against system failures and human errors. With disaster recovery, we can assure that you will survive even the worst scenario and you will continue to provide your services. We understand that it is not a question of if a business will experience data loss, it is a matter of when.

Importance of IT Services

Reliable IT services can make you stay up-to date with your software. Following trends, take care of your customers' experience. Be more flexible and resilient by having updated systems. Stay competitive!

Manage Your Data

Protect yourself by managing your data properly. Information is the core of your organization wisdom so it is crucial to store it, transform, validate and protect it. Don’t wait for disaster!

Be Clever With Network Monitoring

In any company, the system administrator must be prepared to respond quickly to any abnormal network event. Support your team with proper tools to monitor network activity and reduce potential problems.

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