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We take pride in finding creative solutions to our clients’ toughest challenges. Whether they need to apply new technology and functionality which will increase revenue by improving their services for their customers or to reduce the expense of trying to maintain older applications. Technology is vital in modern, digital business!

Web Development Web Development

Web Development

Grow and Power Up Your Business

Do you think about visually appealing and functional web solutions? At Softjourn, we understand how happy your customers will be with your new killer service and how it will impact your growth. Using both top open-source as well as proprietary tools, we provide unique websites and web applications. We work together to build a trusted partnership.

What’s the secret of outstanding software development? Internal knowledge of UI/UX, creative technical architects, innovative mindset and passionate software engineers with a business perspective. Front-end, backend and beyond, our talented team knows how to cover it all to provide successful and easy-to-maintain products.

Java Development Java Development

Java Development

Explore and Find New Opportunities

Now that you’re here, learn more about some impressive Java projects. Many service providers promise the sky. The thing is, very few can actually deliver on it. Softjourn makes an all-out effort to communicate with our clients from the start of the project, through launch and provides post-launch support. We’ve been particularly successful at it. 

For over a decade, we have developed a wide range of creative solutions based on Java technology. With workflow automation, data management, scalability and security, our clients have gained measurable benefits and maintained their market position. Trust our knowledge and collaborate with us to create a solution that meets your business objectives!

Microsoft Development Microsoft Development

Microsoft Development

Stay Modern

Looking to decrease costs, increase or expand your product offering? Microsoft services implementation may be the key to refresh your business. With years of experience in software development, we know how to support your modern application development—we’ve created dozens of user-friendly web and desktop applications for various clients. 

We leverage our knowledge to evaluate, identify and plan.  We take pride in collaborating with each client on the design, and then building out and deploying custom software solutions. With our support as a trusted partner, you will increase revenue by improving or releasing new services to maintain your competitiveness or increase market share.

Are you aware that globally, companies paying attention to the technology are implementing blockchain in different areas? The potential applicability of blockchain to facilitate business is very broad. Don’t hesitate anymore, we can help you to decide if you should apply this technology and how by leveraging appropriate use cases for your industry.

The best way for us to be able to advise is using a blockchain ecosystem, which we have built and are using within our company and within the communities where we work. Since that time, we have expanded to work with blockchain across industries. You can save your time and money making a go/no-go decision by trusting our knowledge and experience.

Mobile Development Mobile Development

Mobile Development

A Must-have

Having a well-designed mobile app is no mere trend or fashion statement. It's a must-have. Imagine yourself using Facebook or reading the Wall Street Journal in your browser? Even worse, what if it is not optimized for mobile devices? Sounds painful, doesn’t it? We have a way for you to avoid this—building a must-have app for your business in record time.

One thing we can promise, is that you will enjoy working with our experienced and creative team that treats mobile development as an important extension of traditional software development. We specialize in mobile UX/UI and development across different platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry.

Cryptocurrency Banking Service

We’ve developed prototype functionality to support financial institutions that recognize the market potential of enabling customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from within traditional bank accounts. The prototype uses smart contracts and is built on Quorum, an enterprise-focused version of the Ethereum, which itself is a business-focused adaptation of blockchain technology.

Online Account Opening

Online and mobile banking represent the primary banking channels for two-thirds of Americans, including business owners. Their digital expectations are growing but they have less time for fulfillment. These expectations represent an unmet need that financial institutions can fill—gain new business, satisfied customers and save time with this solution!

Selling Tickets Through Sales Agencies

Wondering if it is possible to extend the features of your existing ticketing platform? With our support, one of our clients implemented a module that allows event organizers to sell tickets through sales agencies. The module supports an expanded sales force, eliminate the need to manually upload third- party bookings and track sales and payment data.

Expense Control

Prepaid cards are an amazing phenomenon. At Softjourn, we looked at a wide variety of businesses to identify their common pain points—areas in which prepaid could, potentially, cut expenses, improve operations and/or reduce fraud exposure. One area that hit all three was expense management. So, we approached the challenge.

Looking for the Best Team?

Are you looking to make sure that you have the best people around the world working with you on your projects? Ukraine may be the place where you can locate your software development needs.


We believe that global teams are not just for the big guys. We have proved this many times by assisting startups to go from an idea to a successful business. We love helping each team launch!

Creative Solutions

Save time and money with an extended team’s knowledge to make a go/no-go decision with regards to new technology. Try a POC/prototype/MVP project to evolve your ideas into an innovative solution.

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