Since 2001, we’ve designed, built, and deployed custom solutions for some of the world’s leading tech-enabled businesses. In applying this deep expertise, we wield a wide range of game-changing software to drive innovation, enhance functionality, and accelerate growth. With a laser-sharp focus on your specific challenges, we can help future-proof your business, at scale, with real-world results.

Java Development Java Development

Java Development

Explore and Find New Opportunities

For more than 20 years, Java has been the premier corporate program language for big data, financial, and security businesses. It’s the most common technology for building apps that function across all mobile and web platforms. Since 2007, we’ve developed a wide variety of creative Java-based solutions. From workflow automation and data management to scalability and security, our clients enjoy ongoing success.

Our team of Java experts know how to create portable, high-performance applications for the widest range of cross-platform interaction. Since Java is also a key language for networking, we help clients provide more services while boosting end-user productivity, communications, and collaboration. With its flexibility, Java also enables our developers to skillfully create apps with essential security and scalability features.

.Net Development .Net Development

.Net Development

Stay Modern

.Net is a framework that pervades all aspects of computing, from operating systems and servers, to web browsers and mobile devices. It offers interoperability for programming languages that enable the creation of apps compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. 
We offer a premier .Net unit of Microsoft Certified Professionals and full-stack developers, which make us one of the world’s top MS-certified companies.

Since 2005, our .Net application developers have helped customers that range from start-ups to global corporations to scale their business and forge future success. We can build a wide range of highly functional, feature-rich, user-friendly apps suitable for any device and any platform. Shaped by flexibility and reliability, we can transform your challenges into brilliant software that accelerates your business and your bottom line.

We’re blockchain experts. We’re also advocates, as blockchain is an integral part of the digital ecosystem. Blockchain is a distributed ledger recording technology in which participants are interconnected by a peer-to-peer network. A critical advantage is data security. Once a transaction is completed, it is automatically recorded and cannot be changed. Other core blockchain benefits include speed, operational efficiency, and availability.

We believe blockchain will play a huge role in the future. It’s why more companies worldwide are implementing it in diverse industries and applications. Its proven ubiquity has the potential to fundamentally change how we share information, buy and sell, interact with government, and even verify the authenticity of everything. We’ll help you decide if blockchain is right for you and how best to leverage its transformative capabilities. 

AI & ML Development AI & ML Development

AI & ML Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies help businesses shape their future. These tools enhance such key drivers as your business intelligence, sales analytics, processing, learning, and security solutions. Since these cutting edge solutions began to emerge, we’ve been at the forefront in helping clients apply them to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and create new opportunities.

AI & ML applications can take many forms, from customer segmentation and fraud detection to insights that deliver more personalized customer experiences. Such advanced analytics, deep learning capabilities, and purpose-built solutions can elevate every aspect of your business. Our AI & ML experts will help you amplify human capabilities and turn data into insights, action, and real-world value.

Looking for the Best Team?
Looking for the Best Team?

Are you looking to make sure that you have the best people around the world working with you on your projects? Ukraine may be the place where you can locate your software development needs.


We believe that global teams are not just for the big guys. We have proved this many times by assisting startups to go from an idea to a successful business. We love helping each team launch!

Creative Solutions
Creative Solutions

Save time and money with an extended team’s knowledge to make a go/no-go decision with regards to new technology. Try a POC/prototype/MVP project to evolve your ideas into an innovative solution.

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