It's not how far away we are. It's how close we work with you!

Three Ways Softjourn Goes the Extra Mile

It is becoming increasingly more commonplace for businesses to include remote offices as part of their enterprise structure. When you are accustomed to working with a distributed workforce, hiring international developers to complete a software project may seem like an easy decision. However, depending on the software vendor you choose, those added “team members” may seem like anything but part of your team.

Way #1: One of the most frequent complaints people have about working with distributed software developers is the lack of interaction, or insight in to what is going on.  For example when the software engineering team fails to keep their client up to date about the status of their project, or fails to involve their client in the development process. Some vendors may simply take the product request and disappear until completion. 
Softjourn is on the other end of the communication spectrum; we believe there can never be enough communication. The least Softjourn clients can expect is a daily email, but more commonly, there is daily voice interaction by phone or Skype. As for responsiveness, phone calls and emails are always answered promptly. Unlike some development firms, Softjourn does not fall off the face of the earth once we begin a project, we want to make sure you are heavily involved in the process.
Way #2:  If you were recruiting developers to be employees of your company, you would be interested in their qualifications and skills as developers as well as their professional skills, right? The same is true when you are hiring a firm to develop your software; your priority is the talent of the developing team and how you will be able to interact with them. Too often, international firms keep their developers away from the client until well after a deal is signed. By that time, it may be too late to address concerns about unmanageable language barriers or misunderstandings about your business and the goals of your project.
Early interactions with a development firm are indicative of the access and interaction you can expect to have throughout the course of a project. Softjourn introduces clients to those persons who would be working on their particular project, early. Whenever possible, during the sales and prospecting process, prospective team members are the ones who review a potential client’s project; their specifications, technical issues, research requirements, etc. These same prospective team members are the same ones who will meet virtually with potential clients to discuss their project. This gives potential clients insight in to the level of project and technical understanding of those persons they will be working closely with. 
Way #3: The fear of being out of touch with your software development team and your pending project are often alleviated by software development firms that have representatives located in the U.S. However, these representatives may not be as effective as many clients would hope. Often they are not fully aware of what is happening on the development team and essentially act as an additional hurdle between you and your project.
The stateside representatives for Softjourn are owners of Softjourn. We have a vested interest in the success of your project, and the success of your company. During the course of any project, you will be working closely with your Softjourn project manager, and the rest of the team, in Ukraine. However the US side always keeps a close eye on every project and is involved in making sure they are successful. You will always be able to talk with us during your day, about the product we are helping you build and further develop, the goals of your company, and any issues you feel you may be having with the project; whether it is something you want to change, or something you are not quite sure about. All of Softjourn is interested in the success of your company; your success is our success! 
Using an international development firm has a lot of advantages, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the service and support. You can expect the same level of service from remote software developers as you would from domestic or internal developers. Softjourn removes the hurdles that cause distributed software development to be a struggle so that you can focus your time on how the software we will be delivering to you, will help grow your business, rather than having to focus on the development process.