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For more than 10 years we’ve partnered with different financial institutions and companies building creative solutions or augmenting their in-house technical teams to provide incremental technical support and project-specific expertise resulting in revenue-generating features. We help our customers to grow!

Transaction Simulator Transaction Simulator

Transaction Simulator

Saving roll out time

As companies roll out new or enhanced solutions, they must test the speed and accuracy with which transactions are processed as well as whether or not these transactions work within the required parameters. Transaction simulators mimic both high-volume and specific types of transactions and virtualize the end-to-end payment chain.

Over the years we’ve built several transaction simulators that generate a high volume of card transactions fast and accurately. With these solutions, our clients (large financial institutions) were able to launch new functionalities without any unexpected problems—quickly and on time, without additional costs, just as planned!

Purchase Control Purchase Control

Purchase Control

Protect against unauthorized expenses

Prepaid is the world’s most versatile form of payment. The card, used mostly for low-value transactions, has a defined value stored on it.  A decision control system must be able to quickly scrutinize each purchase, match it to the original order, and prevent it from going through if it doesn’t meet the required conditions.

We developed a customized purchase control application that uses decision control system APIs. In the cloud-based environment, the app creates an additional level of control for card transactions based on rules designed to meet the company's business requirements, for example, transaction amount, time, merchant, location etc.

Prepaid Solutions Prepaid Solutions

Prepaid Solutions

Serving the unbanked

A number of unbanked households (about 5% in US), that rely on alternative financial services such as payday lenders or pawnshops, makes a challenge to some employers, who must find a secure, reliable, and easy-to-manage way to pay employees. It also offers a great business opportunity to savvy financial services firms.

Our solution can help you to grip this opportunity and increase your revenue. It enables banks to safely cash more than 20 types of checks and to make immediate deposits to prepaid cards. It also provides the possibility to set limits on the maximum number of checks that could be cashed in a day and the maximum amount of a single check.

Revenue Patrol Revenue Patrol

Revenue Patrol

Improve the merchant authorization success rate

Card Not Present Merchants utilizing automated recurring billing platforms are currently suffering from payment decline rates ranging from 10–20% of their subscription base because of a variety of factors. Many merchants have begun to use their own internal “re-try” logic when an attempted authorization fails. But is this solution effective? 

Understanding this need, we developed a solution—based on the sophisticated rules engine that supports the business processes associated with exception management for payments—that provides a more repeatable and strategic approach to managing payment recovery, which is a key component in managing the entire lifecycle of a customer.

Payment Processing Development and Integration

There are various possible reasons why you might want to build your own payment gateway. Perhaps the most obvious is reduced payment processing cost. Conversely, if you are building a payments application, by incorporating your own payment gateway you stand to gain a percentage of the revenue earned by your users. We know how to help you!

Online Account Opening and Onboarding

With a fully digital account opening and onboarding experience you can get a competitive advantage. Our solution meets business customers’ high expectations and speeds them through the setup process—without the time and hassle associated with traditional account opening, which may start digitally but requires a branch visit for completion.

Cryptocurrency Banking Service

Every financial institution that intends to be a long-term player must develop its cryptocurrency strategy. With our solution we are paving the way for financial institutions to begin their journey into incorporating cryptocurrency services within their capabilities and gaining firsthand experience with blockchain technology and a blockchain-based platform.

Machine Learning Based Expense-tracking

Formerly, employees laid out funds for their expenses and submitted expense reports for review and reimbursement. Our solution, based on Microsoft Cognitive Services allows expense-tracking, including the possibility to monitor spending policies, capture receipts, transfer funds to a card, and view specific transactions or transaction summary information.

Parking App

Because a robust, consumer-friendly mobile parking pay app can address the needs and solve significant pain points—with positive economic outcomes, for consumers, governments and parking garage owners—Softjourn’s mobile pay parking app delivers significant benefits to each audience, with the potential for future extensibility and customization.

Who works with us?

Cards & Payments companies leverage our knowledge and best practices. We help our clients—payment processors, banks, transaction acquirers and prepaid card service providers—to increase market share.

What we do?

We focus on new technology applications. Applications may be related to biometrics including voice or hand swiping to make payments, or applying AI to disputes or helping to prevent fraudulent transactions.


Researching new technologies, and developing POCs and prototypes enables us to better advise our clients and work with them to design and deploy new technologies which helps them to remain competitive.

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