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Since 2005 we’ve partnered with fintech companies and financial institutions, providing project-specific solutions or augmenting in-house tech teams to help them remain relevant and competitive. They rely on our expertise to proactively identify and apply the most advanced technology such as biometrics, OCR and AI, to help prevent fraudulent transactions, red-flag abnormal card usage, quickly categorize expenses and much more.

We know how to design a mobile web app that delivers the same expense reporting experience on any device, so you can enter business expenses when they happen, where they happen, and approve employee expenses in real time. This easy-to-use software exceeds IT requirements for training, usability, security and compliance.

Its streamlined functions make reporting so easy, with a simple interface, users quickly embrace. Powerful and easily configurable, its software designed to accommodate the nuances of any businesses, regardless of size or type.

Biometrics is a popular way to verify payments, since it secures data without inconveniencing consumers. It includes fingerprint, retina, and vein scanners, as well as facial recognition and voice verification. For a recent fingerprint authentication project, we created a biometric token solution that limited access to financial operations functionality.

When a user wants to transfer money, for example, a 2-step verification is activated. Which also means a hacker can’t benefit from hacking the biometric token. Our secure payments expertise is extensive and evolving.

Our expert developers solve specific needs for custom prepaid solutions such as payroll cards, branded reward & incentive cards, back office accounting and intuitive transaction processing. Embedded in these cards, our proprietary software ensures accounting transactions are speedy and accurate.

We Integrate treasury management that empowers complete processing for merchants, vendors, ISO and fintech businesses. From tokenized data security protocols and virtual cards to transaction simulators, we have all your prepaid needs covered.

Remittance Remittance


Your customers want convenience. You need speed, security and dependability. Softjourn offers the industry’s most complete account and remittance processing solutions. Whether you want to keep processing in-house or take advantage of outsourcing, our comprehensive solutions handle it all.

This includes receivables management, remittance processing and lockbox services for clients in any industry - with little or no outlay for new or updated technology. We can also help you keep up with the latest technology, compliance, improving services and much more.

There are various possible reasons why you might want to build your own payment gateway. Perhaps the most obvious is reduced payment processing cost.

Conversely, if you are building a payments application, by incorporating your own payment gateway you stand to gain a percentage of the revenue earned by your users. We know how to help you!

Put payments directly into consumer's hands with instant digital issuance and push provisioning. With these tools, your organization offers faster card replacement, quicker onboarding, higher activation, and maintains consumer spend.

Consumers want payment experiences that align with their shopping habits but maintain privacy and security. Our industry knowledge and technical acumen will help you meet consumers’ needs for contactless transaction methods that safeguard health.

Who works with us?
Who works with us?

Cards & Payments companies leverage our knowledge and best practices. We help our clients—payment processors, banks, transaction acquirers and prepaid card service providers—to increase market share.

What we do?
What we do?

We focus on new technology applications. Applications may be related to biometrics including voice or hand swiping to make payments, or applying AI to disputes or helping to prevent fraudulent transactions.


Researching new technologies, and developing POCs and prototypes enables us to better advise our clients and work with them to design and deploy new technologies which helps them to remain competitive.

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