Case Study
8 minutes

The Need

Anyone with children has probably, at one time or another, tripped over baby carriages, strollers, high chairs—and all the rest of the gear kids use while growing up. They’ve probably also had the urge to declutter but may have wondered if they could get more value from those expensive investments.

The founder of Babierge—baby concierge—Kerri Coulliard had the same idea. In 2014, she launched an online service, where a network of Trusted Partners could rent their unused baby gear out to travelers and grandparents hosting their families. Owners of the gear would simply sign up online, rent, deliver, and set up the ordered items.

Santa Fe, New Mexico-based Babierge took off immediately. In just a couple of years of operation, the company saw a need to enhance its platform with additional functionality and to upgrade its technology.

The Solution

Working with Babierge, the Softjourn team developed solutions to enhance the user experience, process payments more effectively, and make the platform more mobile-friendly.

“I was excited to work on this project because of the purpose it serves-baby gear rental. While working with Babierge I enjoyed communicating with Kerri, the founder of the startup. She is a  very open-minded person, capable of explaining their needs easily and clearly. From the start, she almost always accepted our suggestions and we worked as a very organized team” Tetiana Yurchenko said.


Improving UX and UI

Babierge requested changes to the user interface that would make it easier for potential Trusted Partners to register and for established partners to log in. Softjourn created an intuitive user interface that made simple for both groups to navigate the site and for established partners to track their rental transactions and payments in their online personal accounts.

Handling Payments Securely and Efficiently

The company wanted to establish a secure and fully integrated payment system that could conveniently and efficiently handle recurring payments to partners. This system, in particular, would save time and significantly improve the user experience. In addition, an easier-to-use payment system would foster development of a Trusted Partner base, greatly benefitting the business.

Creating a Mobile-Friendly Platform

In today’s online business environment, a mobile-friendly website is essential. As a platform that connects entrepreneur in baby gear rentals with users, the Babierge interface can make the difference for partners seeking a larger audience between a good year and a great one.

Upgrading Software Technology 

Technology improvement moves at rocket velocity. Since the 2014 launch of the Babierge platform, the technologies on which it was built have improved greatly.

The platform was originally written in PHP 5.6 with a Cake PHP 2.4 framework. Given that, when our team started work, we devoted most of our efforts to code refactoring. We updated PHP to version 7.3 and the framework to Cake PHP 3.4. We upgraded the home page to the HTTPS protocol—fully integrated with Stripe online payment technology—to further secure the platform. These changes accelerated system performance and significantly enhanced its reliability.

The Benefits

Softjourn helped deliver positive results for Babierge in three key areas:

  • Increased customer base and annual revenue through easier customer onboarding,  partner registration and log-in options
  • Supported faster and more secure payments through HTTPS-level security, an integrated Stripe payment system, and an easy-to-use recurrent payment option
  • Allowed easier access from mobile devices by creating a mobile-friendly environment that is easy for customers of all ages to use.

Technologies & Tools

  • PHP 7.3
  • CakePHP 3.4
  • MySQL
  • Stripe API