Case Study
8 minutes


If you’re organizing an event with as many as 70,000 attendees, your focus is bound to be on admitting them as quickly and efficiently as possible—no matter whether you validate by the event, session, or gate.

Decades ago, on-demand production of tickets at the point of sale was allowed due to barcode scanning technology being combined with high-speed thermal printing technology and networked computer systems. These tickets could be scanned by hand-scanners or at the gate because they were produced with barcodes, which allowed for validation of the ticket and to record the use. This also allowed management to obtain a real-time count of tickets, at any time, during the day of the event.

Now that ticket printing has been separated from the ticket verification at the gate, marketing begins to print and distribute valid pre-sold tickets, which the guest can take directly to the gate for scanning.  In order to do this, relevant controls need to be in place.

Ticket scanning allows you to get your attendees into the event faster, to provide better, real-time data and to help protect the patrons.

The Need

Eventfinda, an online ticketing company and our first New Zealand client, was understandably concerned about both validation and logistical efficiency when managing large events . They were using a native scanning app on a rugged Motorola device but had been considering completely rewriting the existing app for both iOS, and Android devices.

The Solution

A new cross-platform app was developed that scans tickets and validates them by event, session and gate depending on the event configuration. The main purpose of the app is to scan and validate tickets, but offline mode was also added for the client, which automatically switches on when the Internet is too slow and reverts back to online mode as soon as the connection returns to full strength.

A built-in camera in the scanning device scans each ticket—a process that consumes only 2 seconds—making it possible to scan thirty tickets per minute. During each scan, the event manager is able to view the ticket type on the screen, as well as ticket validation messages. The app also generates statistics regarding the number of total, as well as scanned tickets for the event with a pass-in/pass-out mode available too.

The Benefits

The app offers the following business-critical features:

  • Validation mode with built-in camera scanning.
  • Online and offline operational modes.
  • Extensive but easy-to-read statistical reports of total and scanned tickets.
  • Pass in/pass out mode.
  • Ability to set validation criteria by event, session, or gate.
  • iOS- and Android-compatible.

The event attendee benefits are:

  • Security. Secure check-in.
  • Time. Faster to get through the gate.

The event organizer benefits are:

  • Security. Specific ticket validation message.
  • Money. Faster process, happier attendees. 
  • Time. Quick, easy transfer of information.