Case Study
8 minutes

The Need

You’re out at a restaurant having dinner with your family and you receive a phone call from one of your colleagues. They are on a business trip and their expense card ran out of money and they need more quick so they can pay for their own dinner! You are not at your desk or in front of your computer at home, but you do have your smart phone with you. You pull up your admin app, find your colleague, add more funds to their card, and you are back to enjoying dinner with your family in just a few minutes. 

The Solution 

Hybrid application

A cost-effective solution was built—in this case, a hybrid application written in HTML5 using PhoneGap, that would run on both iOS and Android devices. Although these type of apps are slower than native apps, in this case it was a good fit: no heavy graphics or data needed to be displayed on any one screen. 

Development phase I

Softjourn worked with PEX to define the major functionality that was necessary to replicate from the desktop to the mobile device. To improve the user experience of the mobile version, Softjourn provided input to the UX. The definition developed also included architecture and security as well as a testing plan. 

Development phase II

During this phase, we built 2 mobile apps:

  1. for PEX  administrators, which would be used to add/reduce funds on employee cards, suspend cards, review transactions by cardholder, approval, and so on; and
  2. for PEX cardholders to see their balance, history of transactions, request funds, and so on.


While there were no issues with the app running on the iOS platform, Android proved more challenging.  For example, Android does not provide a native way to scroll content inside a fixed width/height element; so instead, we used a JavaScript plug-in that enables this functionality.

We were encouraged because Softjourn asked the right questions, involved people with the right experience in to the conversations. Showed good leadership in managing the process of walking them through the sales process, keeping them on track, etc., as they are a small company and there are always so many other things that are pulling us in multiple directions. Softjourn is very good at the management piece and has a lot of strong knowledge in the financial area.  As well Softjourn shows a lot of experience in multiple programming languages and in combining them in to one product.   

Toffer Grant – Founder & CEO

The Benefits
  • PEX makes spend management simple. Getting started is a breeze, and once you're up and running, you'll see just how efficient spend management can be.
  • Cost efficiency has increased. The self-service feature means that the call center is less loaded with calls.
  • The apps are now available in the Apple Store and on Google Play for download by PEX  customers.
  • The level of convenience for card users has increased dramatically. No more calling in to the call to have their balance checked, or to request funds.

The mobile app is so convenient for the users of the system.  In addition, it reduces calls to customer support for balance checks or to verify if a transfer has gone through.

Technologies & Tools

Web technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Framework: PhoneGap

Programming languages: Objective C, Java

SDK: iOS, Android