Case Study
8 minutes

maegan™ is an ordering platform developed for the hospitality industry by Toronto-based tech startup Tacit Innovations. maegan takes food and drink orders and processes payments via mobile phone or web browser, whether an establishment’s customers eat in-restaurant, take their meals out, or order for out-of-restaurant delivery. 

With maegan, restaurant kitchens receive orders in a timely manner and without errors. An alternative to ordering from often-busy wait staff, maegan improves customer satisfaction by quickly processing orders—and if guests use maegan to pay, the restaurant receives payment immediately into its merchant account. Equally important, maegan eliminates the problem of missed orders, which can negatively impact an establishment’s reputation and servers’ tips. 

The Need

Softjourn’s engagement with Tacit started in 2013 after we were chosen from a number of vendors to assist in developing the back end of the Maegan ordering system. Brenda Crainic, Tacit Innovations CTO, commented, “I wanted to work with a company that understood our development process. We approach product design, implementation, and bug fixes in a very specific way. Softjourn came to us highly recommended for its technical expertise and ability to work effectively with our system.”

Today, the Softjourn team—which ranges in size from 3 to 10 people—handles all back-end and web part of the development for the company.

The Solution

Seamless operations

Depending on each client’s preferences, maegan works seamlessly with systems already in plnace or as a standalone solution. We note that POS integration has been an important part of our development efforts because of the large number of point of sale systems in existence.

Although most of the POS solutions with which Tacit needed to integrate had APIs, working with them was challenging. Some APIs, for example, didn’t deliver necessary data, such as menu items, to the back end. To create optimal solutions, the Softjourn team has frequently communicated directly with restaurants or POS vendors. In the end, our team has been able to ensure that APIs easily perform a number of vital functions—from allowing customers to select a restaurant and determine the availability of a menu item to enabling establishments to charge correct prices and receive payment. 

In addition to ongoing back-end development, the Softjourn team has also been involved in developing the following clients:

·  maegan mobile Android app

·  maegan web-based ordering client

One platform, any device

maegan is available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices, as well as via web.

The Benefits

During our engagement with Tacit Innovations, Softjourn has developed nine new APIs for maegan and critical third-party solutions, expanding the company’s ability to serve new restaurant clients and improving the customer experience, an important element in the hospitality industry. We have recently integrated a new payment solution into the platform, which has significantly accelerated revenue realization and cash.


Project Achievements

  • Seamless operation
  • No missed orders
  • One platform, any device

About Project

Main Product Service
  • Ordering system that is integrated with hospitality industry POS, payment, and loyalty system solutions
Company Delivery Model
  • Mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) Desktop
Softjourn Service Provided
  • Project-based
Software Development Project
  • API Integration with a new payment system
Client Since
  • 2013
Technologies & Tools
  • Server-side: .Net Framework, SQL Server 2012, MVC4
  • Interfaces: JSON RESTful
  • Web services: Web: PHP, JS, JQuery