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A prepaid debit card is a non-bank card that needs to have money added to it before someone can use it to pay for purchases. Unlike standard debit cards, a prepaid debit card is not linked to the cardholder’s bank account, and so if the cardholder wants to spend more than the amount placed on the card, they will have to add more to the card to ensure that they have enough to cover the purchase.

At-A-Glance on Gift cards for the Holiday Season1 

NFR’s 2018 Annual November Holiday Consumer Survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, found that 56% of consumers are expected to purchase gift cards. Spending on gift cards continues to rise and is currently valued at $29.9 billion. Holiday shoppers plan to purchase an average of four gift cards worth about $49.00 each: 36% prefer restaurant gift cards, while 32% like department store cards, 22% like coffee shop cards and 17% prefer gift cards for entertainment. Read more here