WW&L: A Simple, Versatile Ticket Ordering System



A team of admissions specialists that print tickets and manufacture admission products for a variety of entertainment industries, including performing arts and dance, sports, museums, aquariums, small colleges, parking facilities, concerts, fairs and festivals.

The Need

A U.S.-based Softjourn customer, WW&L—Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc—designs and prints stock and custom tickets, parking tickets, and roll tickets. The company’s services involve warehousing ticket printing materials to an agreed-upon inventory level and shipping product to customer locations around the country as needed.

WW&L used to have the ticket ordering process handled via sales person, an approach that sometimes took much time and increased the burden on staff. The company approached Softjourn about developing a single, web-based solution versatile enough to manage ticket ordering and fulfillment for most, if not all, of its customers.

However, as the project came about to meet a really quick deadline, the original idea was stripped down to meet the needs on a single client—Pacific Theaters, the chain of movie theaters. And that's how our engagement started to eliminate the need of a manual order management process for them.

The Solution

Integrating the payment system Vantiv

The engagement was projected to last up to 20 days. Our primary challenge was integration with Vantiv, a U.S.-based payment system characterized by a complex certification process that requires significant documentation. To simplify the process, Vantiv recommended an integration with iframe, called Hosted Payments, in order to avoid the PCI certification they required if using Express API.

Defining customer roles

The WW&L website serves both WW&L admin users and the company’s customers. Admins can check a customer’s order history and view order details. After registering on the site, a customer can check order history or create a new order. The order is confirmed via an email notification containing a tracking number, number of tickets ordered, and method of delivery. Admins also receive confirmation emails with new order details. 

Great and regularly scheduled communication process, project management when it comes to communication, and flexibility to adapt and change the requirements—these are the strongest things, I was impressed how you put this together, thank you for that.

Aubrey Echols, Business System Analyst at WW&L