Integration to All Critical Payment Gateways

Expand Your Merchant Market With Integration to All Critical Payment Gateways

With Optional Customization for More Flexibility, Functionality and Security

January 29, 2019

If you work with merchants directly or with companies that support merchants’ payments operations, you know the importance of payment gateways. Payment gateways provide the critical functionality that enables merchants to accept, capture and settle all kinds of electronic transactions—from cards to e-checks. And, in a retail environment in which ecommerce and mcommerce are overshadowing brick and mortar sales, making the right payment gateway choice never has been more important to merchants.

So, what is the right payment gateway choice for merchants? The confounding—but accurate—answer is, there isn’t one right choice. The right choice is the one that best meets the individual merchant’s needs based on myriad factors that include: what it sells (digital vs. physical goods), how it sells (in-store vs. online/mobile), where its sales originate (domestically or internationally) and sales volume.

With the margin pressures on today’s merchants, they can’t afford to lose a single sale because they aren’t able to accept the payment form the customer tendered.

One-Size-Doesn’t-Fit-All’ Payment Gateway Dilemma

How often in payments do we say,“One size doesn’t fit all”? In my experience, pretty much always. Payment gateways are no exception. And, that presents a dilemma for your business: How do you support the payment gateways your clients need? If you don’t, you know you’ll pay a high price—risking the continued business of current clients and missing opportunities to capture business from savvy new merchant clients. But, if you do integrate to a broad swath of payment gateways, you’ll pay a price, too—the incremental cost of hiring developers and other technical staff to build and maintain the additional payment gateway integrations you need to compete.

At Softjourn, we’ve developed a third option that provides the best of both worlds: the advantage of offering your merchant clients the payment gateway that best meets their needs without the cost of building and maintaining your own payment gateway integrations.

Put Softjourn’s Payment Gateway Integrations to Work for You

Softjourn already supports 15 payment gateways and we’re continually expanding our list as new market options arise. And, you can use our gateway integrations to expand the options you offer to your merchant clients and prospects—quickly, economically and with minimal requirements from your technical staff.

By choosing to expand your payment gateways using Softjourn, you’re—in effect—sharing the developmental and maintenance costs with others. And, you never have to worry about having the right tech skills on staff or interrupting your in-house IT’s priorities to add a hot new payment gateway. At Softjourn, software development is our core competency and what we do full time, so we always have the right talent on staff to handle whatever your needs call for.

And, our clients that currently use our payment gateway integrations can attest to our skill and efficiency.

Customization When You Need It

But what if a standard integration isn’t enough? What if you or your merchant clients need a payment gateway customized to your needs? We can handle that challenge, too. We can develop a totally custom payment gateway or add custom features to our third-party party integrations to give you the benefits of the most popular gateways with added flexibility to enhance functionality, security and the user experience.

Either way, you or your client get the exact payment gateway needed, and our experience ensures a fast, efficient, seamless development process because this isn’t our first rodeo.

And, as your business and ecosystem needs evolve, we’ll be there to keep you ahead.

How We Do It

Our integrations to payment gateways are, of course, API-based. Each gateway creates an API to support data exchange with multiple parties, and we create the necessary code for our clients to interface with the gateway through its API. This approach enables our clients to connect to one or as many payment gateways as they require to support their business.

We also employ APIs to provide custom payment gateway features and functionality for our clients. The difference is these APIs communicate with Softjourn’s own robust systems. The sophisticated logic we’ve built within our system enables us to support more complex functionality, such as multiple card programs for individual clients and other custom requirements not available from third-party payment gateways. Our system is so flexible that we can create a totally custom system and provide reporting through a simple app interface.

And, however the transaction is processed—completely through a third-party payment gateway or in combination with Softjourn—the transaction path is completely invisible to the merchant, because the logic is embedded within the API calls. All the merchant knows is you’re providing the exact service it requires—quickly and seamlessly.

Because we’re so experienced working with payment gateways and we understand the needs of merchants and the companies that support their payments operations, we’re happy to analyze your situation and offer suggestions for enhanced features and functionality that can differentiate your business or help your clients.

It’s All About Choice and Service

We know you want to give your clients great choices and great service. But, with the ongoing innovation in payments, keeping up with everything your clients and potential clients want and ask for is a growing challenge.

So, let us support you to offload the tech challenges that divert your attention and eat up your time. Developing creative custom solutions for payment gateways and lots of additional aspects of payments is what we do at Softjourn, and we’re very good at it.

Together, we’ll give your clients the choice and service they need to advance their businesses (and yours too).

Softjourn is a global technology services provider that finds custom solutions for our clients’ toughest challenges. We leverage our domain expertise in Fintech, Cards & Payments, and Media & Entertainment (with a special emphasis on ticketing), to apply new technology that brings our clients' growing needs to life. Contact us to discuss how we can make your idea a reality!