Web-Based Ticketing Service Ticket Sales Snapshot App

Web-Based Ticketing Service Ticket Sales Snapshot App

December 16, 2015

First published: December 16, 2015

The Need

Online ticketing is an integral part in every serious event nowadays. Tickets are really just another form of cash, so having efficient, effective ways to audit an event is critical for every ticketing company.

The organizer also needs ticket sales to be user-friendly, yet at the same time, they are one of the keys to commercial success. Easy, real-time access is necessary in order to view data and track sales. 

An international web-based ticketing service for the entertainment, travel and sports industries, approached Softjourn with a request to develop a ticket sales solution for organizers and promoters.

The Solution

The solution was to develop a ticket sales snapshot app that will enable event organizers to track their tickets sales easily on mobile devices.

The app allows to quickly check on such data for each event:

  •  event capacity;
  •  number of orders;
  •  tickets sold and paid for;
  •  T-status tickets


  • Titanium

The Benfits

With this new ticket sales application, venues and event organizers are able to view data on the ticket sales process on the go and just in a few clicks! 

Additionally as social media buttons are integrated, word about the venue easily spreads through these platforms, allowing clients to sell more and to grow their brand!

It is an interesting project. Together with our client we created a new ticket sales app, allowing to track the tickets sales easily. - Lyubomyr N., Project Manager at Softjourn

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