Softjourn Knows Prepaid

Who needs Softjourn?

  • Prepaid Service providers that want to get new functionality and new services out to market faster by working with an established industry technology provider
  • Organizations that want to get it right the first time as they begin to manage prepaid expenses with an automated system
  • Organizations looking to upgrade an existing prepaid solution to give both card issuers and users the best experience available, using up-to-date technologies
  • Companies ranging from startups to large enterprises with a great new idea for the next big thing in prepaid technology, who want a partner that’s been there in the trenches to help get it off the ground

Why should your organization have a top-notch prepaid card system?

You need to get a handle on employee spending — the right implementation of prepaid cards for managing employee expenses will pay for itself by reducing both the cost of validating employee expenses and that of paying invalid expenses.
  • Get insight into how much employees are expensing and for what purposes. Our dashboards provide a 360 degree view of where those funds are going to help you to budget for and control expenses.
  • Impose a rules-based approach to limit or preclude entirely certain categories of employee purchases.
  • When special situations arise, be ready to take action quickly and efficiently. With our mobile app or web-based portal, you can block or perform other operations on outstanding cards en masse on the basis of cardholder characteristics.
  • Leverage the value of user expense data with advanced analytics.
  • With automated receipt recognition, save on accountant and auditor time as employees, scanning receipts with their cell phones, save their sanity.
  • Further apply prepaid technology to loyalty programs or payroll.
  • Conveniently fund an account for employee expenses via ACH / wire transfer, including scheduled transfers or cashless sources.
You’d like a hassle-free way to reward existing customers or introduce new ones. The right customer, brought to your brand, could pay dividends for years to come or even lead you into a desired market segment.
Your users would benefit from a more convenient and appealing procedure for expending funds. We can set them up with prepaid cards, and perhaps even with chatbots! Your investment in prepaid card technology is wasted if the folks on the ground aren’t delighted to use it.
  • Impress your users by applying innovative prepaid technologies. You don’t have to be out there alone — we’ll back you up every step of the way, with contactless cards or any other technology you’ve got your eye on.
  • Get your prepaid applications out on iOS and Android with minimal maintenance expenses. Softjourn uses Xamarin, Phone Gap, and other cross-platform development systems to make them accessible to the widest possible audience.
  • Offer your users the convenience of advanced interfaces to prepaid transactions, including IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
  • If even Softjourn can’t design a single app to please all your users, a layered API can give you the flexibility you need. That way, any card-issuing organization or third-party developer can produce any number of apps with just the right magic.
  • Serve potentially unbanked employees who would have difficulty cashing a check.

Why should you work with Softjourn?

You can rest at ease in your decision to go with Softjourn.

We know prepaid

Having completed over 500 successful projects in this area since 2007, we have the knowledge and experience that is needed in both the business and technology sides of prepaid software development.Why invest in assembling the know-how and resources to try to get it right the first time when we’ve already got what it takes and can hit the ground running with prepaid expertise that is second-to-none

IP protection

Your ideas and any source code we write for your project belong to you, and we will put it in writing. We want you to be comfortable, so we follow best practices such as frequent peer reviews, limiting code access among our developers, internal education on social engineering, and take appropriate steps to ensure that your IP is secured

Post delivery support

We are only finished when you and your users are satisfied. Call on us whenever you need help, whether it is for training or additional development work. We excel at providing a great experience and maintaining close relationships with every customer to ensure that they return to us as their business grows and evolves


Whether you continue to work with us or not, the code we write will be well-structured and easy to maintain, because we know that like your business, your software is a living system. Software is always a work in progress. We’ll make the smart investments needed so that your next project goes as smoothly as this one


With Softjourn, security is not an afterthought, but designed into every project and feature as we consider their security implications (such as scanning uploaded receipts for malware). We’ll work hard to keep your prepaid cards and the underlying server data safe from third-party fraud, illegal content, and malware, so that you stay out of the headlines

Sample Success Stories

With Softjourn, you’ll get access to the latest technology.

Don’t get left behind as the world charges ahead.


Bodily features are particularly difficult for thieves to obtain. Whether fingerprints, voice recognition, or retina scans, our advanced biometric interfaces will keep your accounts safe, with minimal inconvenience to users

In-app OCR scanning

Automatically extract key information from uploaded receipts, to save clerical work, ensure that transactions are processed in a timely manner, and allow for analytics that can validate and categorize submitted transactions


Is the productivity of your employees hurt by fraud checks on their essential purchases in far-flung locations? Use the location of a user’s mobile device to validate that they are responsible for foreign transactions, without inconveniencing every traveling employee. You can also limit spending based on geographic area

Contactless payments

Between their ease of use, support for microtransactions, and accessibility to the disabled or infirm as well as those without standard devices or regional communication infrastructure, contactless payments are sure to be the future. Try them out now in your prepaid solution


Softjourn has experience developing prepaid card software that leverages blockchain, the cryptographic technology that is taking the world by storm. Through a shared, distributed ledger, blockchain enables low-cost prepaid transactions including direct currency conversion and can increase security by several mechanisms including prevention of data tampering

Softjourn recognizes that all aspects of your business technology infrastructure must support each other.

  • Apply prepaid technology wherever it would add value, from employee loyalty programs to serving the unbanked.
  • If your business is global, we’ll provide multi-currency and multi-lingual support with dynamic currency conversion (DCC).

How WE Work

Getting to know you and your project

When you come to us with a request to develop a solution using prepaid cards, we talk freely with you about possible approaches without any obligation. We want you to be comfortable with the expertise and personalized approach we bring to your project in prepaid expenses. We’re not just looking to close a sale. We treat every first encounter as the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


You may have ideas about how to implement a system for prepaid expenses or you may not know where to start. Wherever you are stuck, we can provide the answers on how to move forward, whether in secure finance, user experience, architecture, high-performance processing, or any other aspect of the system. Softjourn technical specialists can show you how to evaluate whether or not your vision makes economic and design sense, how to refine it where necessary, and ultimately how to implement it.


We will work with you to define the needs for your project and thus the scope of work required. Rather than just giving you a few options to select from, we will take the time to understand your specific situation and uncover your unstated assumptions. We will identify the customizations that make sense for your business, including app platforms, biometric or other card technologies, and prepaid system features. Once we’re confident that we understand your vision, we estimate the cost and duration of the development effort.


We use Agile principles in our development projects. Why? Because Agile allows us to meet rigorous deadlines and continuously deliver features in discrete sprints, while giving you visibility into how work is progressing towards your ultimate goal.Initially, we will consider your project in terms of subsystems that are likely to include web or mobile apps for users and administrators, but will depend on your project requirements.

Why do our clients love us?

The work done to this point has helped us streamline our operations and has eliminated the need for us to hire customer service reps … we were able to extend more control to our clients which allows them to better manage their own payment process.

- PayPartners CEO Ryan Powers

I felt like Softjourn offered a much more professional approach, distance never became an issue, and the team really understood the goals of our project. There was a lot more collaboration rather than a one-way push saying this is what you need to do!

- PEX Founder Toffer Grant

Results are fantastic. On either iPhones or Android phones, the app is easy to use and really attractive. We’re increasing our activity in the consumer market, and these great-looking, great-functioning apps will help us expand our reach.

- iCARD CEO Jeff Ehney

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