Softjourn Story

Softjourn Inc. was founded in 2001 in the Silicon Valley by Jeff Kreuser and Emmy Gengler, the current CEO. She spent more than a decade working in the former Soviet Union, including several years as the President and CEO of a systems integration firm in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Softjourn was initially working through a network of partners situated in different parts of Ukraine. Each partner company had a different area of expertise and concentration, either technical or business applications in industries such as healthcare and financial services. By 2005, Emmy and Jeff decided it was time to collaborate more permanently with two new partners, Serhiy Fitsak and Bogdan Mykhailovych, both of whom were working with a Ukrainian software house providing banking solutions. That year, Softjourn opened its own office in Ivano-Frankivsk, where Serhiy and Bogdan were located.

By 2013, Softjourn had grown to 50 in-house programmers and a total staff of 77. In 2015, Softjourn opened a branch office in Wroclaw, Poland but its main software development team was located at its Ivano-Frankivsk office. As of the end of 2017, the company has grown to over 170+ employees.

Over the years, Softjourn developed particular expertise in a number of areas, including ticketing and fintech. We use well-proven technologies to provide new operational capabilities for our clients as well as new approaches, like blockchain, that are redefining digital ecosystem and can virtually impact future business. We believe that working with different, multidisciplinary solutions and acting on the boundaries is our distinguishing feature.

Softjourn, Inc. is a technology services provider. The world’s leading experts that take pride in developing creative solutions for Fintech, Cards & Payments and Media & Entertainment applications. Contact us to give life to your ideas!