It's not how far away we are. It's how close we work with you!

Solutions for Startups and their Investors

Recently launched Startups: 

Tacit Innovations - Restaurant Tableside mobile ordering
PowWow helps enterprises deliver tablet friendly apps
SayWhat - For a better calling experience
Pana Television - African Video Content Platform
PlayFitness - Online workouts anytime/anyplace
TrulyShare - share photos of the products you love!



Sample Startup Clients - Those with and without VC Investment:

CentreBack - Revenue Patrol System
ClipSync - Social Media Video Platform
IEP PaperTrail - prototype
My Ticket Premium - Mobile ticketing solution
Noca - Payment Processing Service
PlaySport - Sports Social Community
Preferred Energy Services - Expense Reduction service
Razorcoast - Facebook Platform
RTP Financials - Pay Partners
Nutrition Systems – Consumer health services

We believe that global teams are not just for the big guys. We have proved this many times by assisting startups to go from an idea to a successful business.  You will feel the difference working with us; technical expertise, communication and experience make us a partner rather than just coders.  We love helping you launch!

A few short years ago venture capitalists didn't care whether startups were working offshore or not, and most founders of startup companies thought it was too difficult to work with offshore resources and that things move too fast in a startup company to even make it possible, now the opposite is true. If you are a startup and don't work with offshore resources, it is almost impossible to get venture funding.

But are you wondering how to get started, where to bring offshore resources in, where and when can they be most effective? As a start-up you have several stages to go through while you are raising funds, validating your product, getting a proto-type out, and so on.


Just starting to think about working with a remote dev team? Or are you trying to overcome a bad past experience? 


Check out the video advice, provided by some of our entrepreneurs, on how entrepreneurs can best work with remote development teams.

In all of those stages remote teams can assist to various degrees, let Softjourn help you determine where it can be most effective for your new startup. To get started, take a look at the Start-up Checklist that Softjourn has created to let you see what you may be ready to build. For additional information on how Softjourn can help your startup, contact us.