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For more than a decade, Softjourn engineers have offered stellar application development outsourcing for a wide variety of clients. We use cutting-edge technologies and expertise to drive innovation, next-generation efficiency, and accelerate growth. Once we analyze your challenges, we will future-proof your business by delivering feature-rich mobile experiences that perform well across different platforms.
For more than a decade, Softjourn engineers have offered stellar application development outsourcing for a wide variety of clients. We use cutting-edge technologies and expertise to drive innovation, next-generation efficiency, and accelerate growth. Once we analyze your challenges, we will future-proof your business by delivering feature-rich mobile experiences that perform well across different platforms.

Some of Our

Mobile Clients:

PowWow - Softjourn's client
Ukrainian Processing Centre (UPC) - Softjourn financial client logo
PEX - softjourn's prepaid client
SnappyTV - Softjourn's streaming client logo
Planeta Kino IMAX - Softjourn's entertainment client logo
Project Admission - Softjourn's Event ticketing client

Emerging Mobile App Development to Drive More Value and Engagement

Softjourn developers use cutting-edge technologies to deliver top-performing mobile app development services for the best user experience. Over the years, we’ve built up specific knowledge and expertise in creating applications for leaders in Fintech, Cards & Payments, and  Media & Entertainment (with a special emphasis in ticketing). With our experience and knowledge, you’ll get a real-world view of business possibilities and a finished product ready for market.

React Native
React Native

Apps That Respond to Your Changing Needs

Native Application Development
Native Application Development

There are many benefits to building your next app natively, the big three being: performance, scalability, and user experience.

Softjourn has a team of experts who will help you develop scalable solutions with great UI/UX and high performance that users will enjoy. The apps we design for various iOS and Android devices exceed expectations and will help reach your business goals.

Technologies: Swift / Objective-C / Kotlin / Java

Advantages of native app development:

  • Great user experience
  • Highly performant apps
  • Flexibility in feature development
  • App store support

Disadvantages of native app development:

  • Time-consuming development process
  • Cost of development
  • Requires platform-specific UI

Native case study: Tacit restaurant mobile ordering app 

Hybrid Application Development
Hybrid Application Development

Depending on your budget, timeline and other considerations, it may make sense for your business to choose a more hybrid approach.

Reducing your time and costs to build a cutting-edge app can bring your product to the forefront of the industry. With hybrid apps, you can significantly reduce your development costs by using cross-platform tools such as Ionic, Xamarin, and React Native. 

Technologies: Ionic / Xamarin / React Native

Advantages of cross-platform app development:

  • Single tech stack
  • Fast app development process
  • Close to native performance and UI
  • Exposure to a larger number of users

Disadvantages of cross-platform development:

  • Limited access to third-party libraries
  • Not suitable for apps with heavy graphics
  • Delayed support

Hybrid case study: Ticketmaster scanning app

Softjourn’s Industry Expertise

Since 2005, Softjourn has been a reliable partner to many successful companies working in ticketing, finance, and media & entertainment. We have worked with large and small companies, startups, and entrepreneurs, all of whom have benefited from our consulting and mobile application development outsourcing.


Softjourn has developed ticketing solutions for some of the biggest companies in the ticketing industry. Our main focus is on data integrity, efficiency and integration, to ensure our clients achieve their business goals.

Access control apps
Box office / Mobile POS apps
Ticket printing
Event discovery and ticket purchase
Fan engagement apps
In-seat ordering apps

With almost a decade of experience in fintech, we know how to create financial applications that streamline processes with uncompromised security and privacy. That’s why Softjourn solutions bring added value to every customer.

Expense management apps
Prepaid card holder/Admin
Mobile banking apps
Money transfer apps
Mobile wallets
Employee engagement apps
Ordering and payment app for restaurants
Media & Entertainment

Softjourn’s skilled developers know how to take your M&E business to the next level. With internal R&D projects, we often test new technology, study industry trends, and work with different approaches to create an enjoyable user experience on various platforms. 

Educational apps
Audio playback apps
Second screen apps
VoD apps
Live streaming apps

We bring top-notch mobile expertise to the table. Want to know more?

What Services We Offer

Whether upgrading an existing code or creating a new one, the most important expertise we offer is a proven approach to mitigating risk and containing costs. Discover more about Softjourn's expert Consulting Services

Often clients don’t know what product they need, but do know the results they want. Our job is to help define the product and develop optimal solutions to get those results. Learn more about Softjourn's Discovery Phase Services.

To compete, our clients continually need to provide new and better services. We have our own R&D Centers – started in 2008 – which uniquely positions us to do just that. Read more about Softjourn's Research and Development Services.

Our developers and illustrators are experts at UI and UX design. They will work with you to understand your needs in going from idea to prototype to deployment faster and at less cost. Explore further into Softjourn's Digital Product Design Services.

Software development has grown exponentially in recent decades. Softjourn is the solution to help you define and develop forward-thinking technology that gets real-world results. Get to know more about Softjourn's Software Engineering Services.

Our core belief is that analyzing and testing is critical because the essential role of software is so important. In the process, our Quality Assurance team helps you create superior products. Explore further into Softjourn's QA services.

Since day one, we’ve been providing application support and maintenance services to each customer on every project. It’s why we’re a proven, trusted partner and reliable asset. Get to know more about Softjourn's Application Support and Maintenance Services.

Our technology stack at Softjourn is designed to empower us to deliver world-class services to our clients. With a strong focus on innovation and efficiency, we continually adapt our expertise to stay ahead of the curve. Discover the Technologies and Frameworks we utilize, and learn how we can bring your ideas to life.

FAQ: Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Softjourn offers a wide range of mobile app development services, including native app development for iOS and Android, cross-platform app development, and web app development. We also offer app design, testing, and maintenance services.

Softjourn has experience developing mobile apps for various industries, including event ticketing, media, finance, and more. Our team deeply understands these industries' unique needs and challenges and can help you create an app tailored to your specific business needs.

Our process typically starts with an initial consultation to understand your business needs, goals, and target audience. From there, we will work with you to create a detailed project plan and design mockups. Once the design is approved, we will begin the development process, which includes development, testing, and bug fixing. We will also work with you to ensure the app is properly deployed and marketed.

Security is a top priority for Softjourn. We use industry-standard security protocols and practices to ensure your app's security and perform regular security testing to identify and address any vulnerabilities. Additionally, we will work with you to ensure that your app complies with any relevant security regulations or standards.

Softjourn can handle the process of submitting your app to the relevant app stores, including Apple's App Store and Google Play Store. We will ensure that your app meets the guidelines and requirements of each store, and we will handle the submission process on your behalf.

The cost of developing a mobile app with Softjourn will depend on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the app, the platforms it will be developed for, and the length of the development process. Our team will work with you to create a detailed project plan and provide a cost estimate that is tailored to your specific needs and budget.

At Softjourn, we understand that code quality is essential for successful mobile app development. To address this concern in our app development process, we adhere to the following practices:

  1. Experienced developers: Our app development team consists of skilled and certified developers with extensive experience in mobile app development. They are proficient in best coding practices, ensuring your app is built on a solid foundation.
  2. Code reviews: We conduct regular code reviews in our app development projects to maintain the highest code quality standards. This process allows us to identify issues early on and ensure the code is clean, efficient, and maintainable.
  3. Adherence to coding standards: During app development, we follow industry-standard coding guidelines and best practices for each platform (iOS and Android) to guarantee the development of high-quality and reliable apps.
  4. Automated testing: As part of our app development process, quality assurance engineers utilize automated testing tools to ensure the code is bug-free and runs efficiently. This QA approach helps us detect and fix issues quickly and contributes to the overall code quality.
  5. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Our app development process incorporates CI/CD, which enables us to rapidly detect and resolve issues, resulting in better code quality and faster delivery.
  6. Transparent communication: Throughout the app development process, we maintain open communication with our clients, ensuring that you have full visibility into the project's progress and can provide feedback on the code quality.

Following these practices in our app development projects ensures that our clients receive top-quality mobile apps with clean, efficient, and maintainable code.

Softjourn takes intellectual property protection very seriously, especially in app development projects. To safeguard your IP, we implement the following measures:

  1. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs): We sign an NDA with our clients before starting any app development project to ensure the confidentiality of your ideas and data.
  2. Data security: In our app development projects, we adhere to strict data security protocols, including secure storage and restricted access to sensitive information.
  3. Employee agreements: Our app development team members sign confidentiality agreements to protect your intellectual property rights.
  4. Secure development environment: We use a secured development environment with access controls and encryption to protect your code and data during app development.

By following these practices, we ensure that your intellectual property remains secure throughout the app development outsourcing process.

Offshore mobile app development(outsourcing) and in-house teams differ in several aspects, including cost, flexibility, scalability, and expertise. Here are some key differences:

  1. Cost: Outsourcing mobile app development is typically more cost-effective than hiring and maintaining an in-house team. Offshore developers often offer competitive rates, allowing you to save on labor costs, benefits, and overhead expenses.
  2. Flexibility: Outsourcing mobile app development teams can provide greater flexibility regarding project scope and timeline adjustments. They can quickly scale up or down to meet changing project requirements, while in-house teams may require time-consuming hiring or reassignment processes.
  3. Scalability: Outsourcing companies can quickly scale to accommodate the growing needs of your project. In-house teams may need help finding the right talent quickly, resulting in delays or limitations in app development.
  4. Expertise: Outsourcing companies have access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals with expertise in various technologies and platforms. In-house teams may need more expertise, requiring additional training or hiring to fill gaps in knowledge quickly.

To ensure a successful collaboration with an offshore mobile app development team, consider the following steps:

  1. Research: Conduct a thorough investigation to identify reputable offshore app development companies with a proven track record of successful projects.
  2. Communication: Establish clear communication channels and expectations with the offshore team. Make sure they understand your project requirements and goals.
  3. Portfolio: Review their portfolio to evaluate their experience in app development, particularly in your industry or with similar projects.
  4. Testimonials and references: Ask for client testimonials and references to assess the offshore team's reliability, professionalism, and ability to deliver quality work.
  5. Trial period: Consider engaging the offshore team in a smaller project or a trial period to evaluate their performance before committing to a long-term partnership.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the offshore mobile app development team you choose will be a good fit for your project and can deliver the results you expect.

While outsourced developers offer many advantages, they can also present challenges, such as communication, time zone differences, and cultural differences. Here are some ways to overcome these challenges:

  1. Communication: Establish regular communication channels, such as video conferencing, email, or messaging platforms, to keep all parties informed and address any issues promptly.
  2. Time zone differences: Schedule meetings and deadlines with time zone differences in mind, and consider using collaboration tools that support asynchronous communication.
  3. Cultural differences: Understanding the offshore team's culture and working style and providing clear instructions to avoid misunderstandings.
  4. Project management: Utilize project management tools and methodologies to ensure that tasks are assigned, tracked, and completed on time.

By addressing these challenges proactively, you can optimize your collaboration with an offshore mobile app development team and achieve the desired outcomes for your project.