The Complete Build Checklist for Startups

Do you need a prototype, alpha version, or MVP? Use our checklist to decide!

Know what you’re ready to build 
with Softjourn’s complete checklist for startups

Thinking about creating a new product or service? Maybe you’re ready to take the next step in the development process, but aren’t sure if you’ve thought of all the necessary angles? 

Softjourn’s Complete Build Checklist for Startups details all the questions to answer when determining the next step in developing your new product or service. You can avoid future obstacles by using our checklist to choose between prototype, alpha, or MVP.

  • Budget
  • Commitment
  • Validation
  • Definition
  • Design/UX
<p>Know what you&rsquo;re ready to build&nbsp;<br />
with Softjourn&rsquo;s complete checklist for startups</p>

Download a copy of our Complete Build Checklist for Startups to help build the perspective needed that will make your startup successful — now, and for years to come. 

Softjourn has worked with startups across many different industries, helping them get off the ground or make improvements to home in on success. Interested in speaking with one of our experts? Request a meeting today!

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