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Like many other technology companies building the products and services we rely on every day, many of Softjourn’s software and client solutions are developed by our R&D team in Ukraine. Currently all Softjourners are safe and supported in every possible way and we as a company are working normally. We’ve been preparing for this turn of events, and we will follow a carefully prepared plan, in hopes of assuring everyone’s safety.

Ukraine’s vital technology sector is determined, resilient, and defiant, and this war will not destroy what’s taken years to build. One of the best ways we all can support Ukraine in their fight against this illegal invasion is to stand united with the many tech companies based in or working in Ukraine.

Together, we can galvanize the global tech community into action. Here’s what to know and how to help:


Ukraine is a Global Leader in Tech Innovation 

With an estimated 300,000 tech workers, Ukraine is a leading tech hub in Europe. The tech ecosystem consists of global companies including Grammarly, GitLab, and Wix, all founded in Ukraine, as well as hundreds of companies with R&D centers in Ukraine, such as Google, Snap, Lyft and Oracle. Ukraine is also home to more than one thousand small and mid-size tech companies, including 12 companies on the IAOP Top 100 List. Other companies on this prestigious list include Accenture, KPMG, and Boston Consulting Group. Ukraine’s growing workforce of highly skilled tech professionals use their talents to create the economically vital and world-improving solutions we use every day. 


Ukraine’s Tech Sector is Open for Business

Many Ukraine tech businesses have carefully crafted contingency plans in place to ensure safe, stable, and secure operations even through the uncertainty of war. 
Employers and global colleagues are stepping in to support Ukrainian employees with flexibility, empathy, and financial support whether they are able to keep working or not.

Many Ukrainian tech workers continue to work not only as a distraction, but because they realize that by continuing to work, they prove Ukraine’s resilience, strength and defiance of the illegal invasion, which allows them to support Ukraine’s military, economy and infrastructure.

Please read and share this Open Letter to the Global Tech Community

Tech Companies Across the Globe Can Help Today 

Stand with Your Ukrainian Employees, Contractors, and Business Partners.

One of the best ways to support the Ukraine economy is to stand with your Ukrainian business partners, continue to license or purchase products and services, and explore new business and consulting opportunities to solve industry challenges.

Spread the Message of Solidarity Across Digital Media.

Join our network of collaborators to spread the message of support and to drive advocacy and action across the global tech community. Share your support on social media using the hashtag #SupportUkraineTech and access the digital advocacy toolkit here for sample messages and graphics.


Publications that helped Softjourn spread the word about #SupportUkraineTech:


  • Softjourn Insights (10/14/22). Ukraine Celebrates Defender's Day - We proudly give our thanks to Ukraine’s brave defenders, including some of our Softjourners, who serve to protect the freedom and security of Ukraine as well as democracy worldwide. Read the full article.

  • Softjourn Insights(9/22/2022) One in Five Fortune 500 Companies Rely on Ukraine for their Software Development Needs in 2022 – Here’s Why You Should Too. Meghan Neville, Content Marketing Coordinator at Softjourn. Even in the midst of a war, Ukraine's software developers continue to demonstrate the skills and drive that set them apart. This article highlights 8 of the top reasons Ukraine is still a leading hub for hiring software developers, and why the war will not stop Ukraine's progress. Read the full article.

  • Softjourn Insights (8/24/22) In Memory of Our Softjourn Heroes - On August 24th, Ukraine celebrated 31 years of independence, and we dedicated this day to remembering our coworkers, Oleh Pereguda and Igor Khodak, who paid the highest price fighting to keep Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, democracy, and independence. Read the full article.

  • Tech Target(6/18/2022). Consultants, software developers in Ukraine find ways to grow. Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director at Softjourn.
    TechTarget's article, 'Consultants, software developers in Ukraine find ways to grow' described how development consultancies in Ukraine have been able to stay strong five months since the war began. In particular, the article described how clients are continuing to sign on to additional projects, how remote work possibilities have allowed Softjourn’s team to grow, and how even during war, our prices have not been affected. Read the full article.

  • Women Love Tech(6/10/2022). Meet Ukraine Women In Tech Making A Difference. Emmy Gengler, CEO; Natalie Nykyforuk, Head of HR; Kateryna Ryzha, Head of PMO; Olga Bandura, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Softjourn. 
    WomenLoveTech featured Softjourn female-led team because of the unique way we've handled and adapted to war times. Ukrainian women, especially those in tech, have been the major force behind keeping the country’s economy alive, as many men are serving in the army. The article also details the volunteer efforts our team members have accomplished. Read the full article.

  • The Recursive(6/6/2022). How are Ukrainian tech companies surviving 100 days into the war. Natalie Nykyforuk, Head of HR at Softjourn. 
    The Recursive's article 'How are Ukrainian tech companies surviving 100 days into the war' highlighted how Softjourn has been able to adequately relocate team members and secure power in unsure times - due to our contingency plans. Read the full article.

  • Euronews(6/3/2022). 100 days of war in Ukraine: Stories of the rise and resilience of the nation's tech sector. Emmy Gengler, CEO at Softjourn.
    Emmy Gengler, was featured among other top tech leaders in Ukraine in Euronew’s article, ‘100 days of war in Ukraine: Stories of the rise and resilience of the nation's tech sector’. She discussed how crisis leadership must be flexible in order to prepare for the unexpected. Gengler said, “The teams are proving to themselves, to their clients, and to the world that they can keep the tech industry going.” Read the full article.

  • Ticketing Business News(6/1/2022). Ukraine’s Tech Sector 100 Days in. Emmy Gengler, CEO at Softjourn.
    The Ticketing Business featured Softjourn's CEO, Emmy Gengler, in an article called, 'Ukraine's Tech Sector 100 Days in'. She spoke about how the tech sector has rallied to stay strong, the importance of staying and continuing to work and hire in Ukraine, and how members of the tech sector can support Ukraine's economy by continuing to work with Ukrainian-based teams. Read the full article.

  • Digital Planet(5/12/2022). Imagining a Digital Economy for All in Ukraine: In Conversation with Softjourn - Episode 10. Dave Lowenstein, CEO of IMS Management Services Corporation.
    IMS is a client of Softjourn, a global tech company with an office in Ukraine, and a subject of previous interviews in this series. David talks about the excellent work done by Softjourn, and more broadly, about the resilience and quality of service provided by the rapidly growing tech sector in Ukraine. Listen to the full podcast.

  • Digital Planet(4/6/2022). Imagining a Digital Economy for All in Ukraine: In Conversation with Softjourn - Episode 4. Kateryna Ryzha, Head of PMO at Softjourn.
    In this podcast they discuss the contingency measures that Softjourn had in place to ensure its workers were safe, while still continuing ongoing projects without too many disruptions. Listen to the full podcast.

  • Yahoo! Finance(4/10/2022). ‘Believe in us:’ Ukrainian tech executives make appeal amid fears of brain drain. Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director at Softjourn.
    Yahoo! Finance interviewed Softjourn as part of a larger article about Ukraine's IT sector. Sergiy Fitsak, Softjourn's Managing Director, said, "Our message is believe in us - Continue to do business in Ukraine". He says that Ukraine tech is showing the world that we can continue to work through any conditions. Read the full article.

  • Digital Planet(4/6/2022). Imagining a Digital Economy for All in Ukraine: In Conversation with Softjourn - Episode 3. Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director at Softjourn and Lyubomyr Nykyforuk, Head of the Solution Creation Department.
    In this podcast, Bhaskar Chakravorti, Chair, Digital Planet raises critical questions about how the Ukrainian government is supporting the tech industry through tax reforms amidst war, the digital public infrastructure and what it will mean to resurrect the digital economy in a post-war Ukraine. Listen to the full podcast.

  • TechCrunch(4/1/2022). 3 things you can do right now to support Ukraine’s IT sector. Emmy Gengler, CEO at Softjourn. 
    TechCrunch published an article written by Softjourn's CEO, Emmy Gengler, called '3 Things you can do right now to support Ukraine's IT sector'. In it, she details how Softjourn's teams have banded together to help fund military efforts, provide humanitarian relief, and protect communities. She mentioned the best ways to support Ukraine tech is by continuing business in Ukraine and amplifying awareness. Read the full article.

  • TechTarget(3/31/2022). Tech companies in Ukraine open economic front in Russian war. Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director at Softjourn.
     TechTarget spoke to Softjourn's managing director, Sergiy Fitsak, about Ukraine's 'economic front'. Fitsak posited that tech is likely the one industry in Ukraine that can continue to work almost as normal since the war began. Read the full article.

  • Digital Planet(3/23/2022). Imagining a Digital Economy for All in Ukraine: In Conversation with Softjourn - Episode 2. Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director at Softjourn and Lyubomyr Nykyforuk, Head of the Solution Creation Department.
    In this podcast, they discuss how the tech industry, also called the IT Army, is battling the crisis on the economic end, especially with tech-driven relief processes, and how the world can help them put up a stronger front. Listen to the full podcast.

  • Digital Planet(3/23/2022). Imagining a Digital Economy for All in Ukraine: In Conversation with Softjourn - Episode 1. Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director at Softjourn and Lyubomyr Nykyforuk, Head of the Solution Creation Department.
    In this podcast, they discuss the changes in the tech industry with the Russian invasion, shedding light on how employees are being supported, what contingency plans are in place with backup technology support, and how the government is supporting them through this crisis. Listen to the full podcast.

  • Los Angeles Times(3/8/2022). ‘I want to donate to the Ukrainian military.’ Crowdfunding becomes part of Ukraine’s arsenal. Emmy Gengler, CEO at Softjourn. 
    Emmy Gengler, Softjourn's CEO, was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times. She spoke about how Softjourn has been supporting the Ukrainian army for the last 8 years. The article promoted Ukraine's digital resistance. Read the full article.

  • Ticketing Business News(3/4/2022). Standing With the Tech Community. Emmy Gengler, CEO at Softjourn.
    The CEO of Softjourn, Emmy Gengler, was interviewed in The Ticketing Business article, 'Standing with the Tech Community'. She posited that the best way to not let the aggressor win is to "continue working, designing products, doing demos, getting new clients, working with existing clients, and supporting workers. Read the full article.

  • The New Stack (3/3/2022). How to Support Teammates Living in Ukraine — or Any War Zone. Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director at Softjourn.
    The NewStack featured Softjourn in an article about supporting Ukrainian teammates. Softjourn's leadership team believes the best way is to keep it 'family first'. Sergiy Fitsak, Managing Director, said that while it's a terrifying time, he is feeling empowered to support Ukraine. Read the full article.


More Ways to Help

Fight Disinformation.

The Russian media is telling a completely different narrative, with intensive propaganda against Ukraine and the West. They describe the situation as a “military operation” to “denazify Ukraine” rather than a “war” or “invasion,” distorting what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. The Kremlin’s propaganda machine is running at full throttle, but you can help destroy it by sharing the truth. Urge your representatives and fellow citizens of your country to speak up.

#SaveUkraine #StopPutin #StopRussia #WorldForUkraine #StandWithUkraine

Support the Ukrainian Army.

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened up an account for raising funds for the Ukrainian army. It has been established and is open to receive transfers from international partners and donors in both foreign currency (U.S. dollars, euros, UK pounds) and hryvnias.


Humanitarian Help

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has set up a humanitarian fund open to receive transfers from international donors in both foreign and local currency. Funds raised will be used by Ukraine's Ministry of Social Policy to provide food, shelter and medicine for refugees displaced due to military conflict, and to supply basic goods and financial aid to meet essential needs of the population still in Ukraine. 


Help Ukrainian refugees.

One million people have left their homes and are seeking safety abroad. You can donate to charity organizations offering refugees aid during this crisis.

Check out the list of these organizations here.


From our team at Softjourn: Thank you for joining the effort to #SupportUkraineTech.










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