Case Study
8 minutes


Small businesses are crucial for the European economy, providing a potential source for jobs and economic growth. In Ireland, they generate more than 70% of all jobs in the non-financial business economy, approximately 4 percentage points more than the EU average1.

In the U.S., there are 30.2 million small businesses that account for 99% of all businesses and 54% of all U.S. sales2.

People that decided to start their small businesses face a number of challenges every day. One of them is accounting, including bank account management, the payroll system, taxes, expense tracking, bookkeeping, invoicing, collecting and issuing payments. Accounting systems are being developed to help small business owners manage their finances.

The Need

Bullet developed an accounting product for Irish companies that has all of the accounting rules (invoicing, payments, reporting, bank reconciliation, receipt tracking, and mileage tracking) built into its workflows.

Effective January 1, 2019 changes were made in the Irish payroll system which forced Bullet to make modifications to their software. These new regulations obliged each employer to report the results from their payroll via the Revenue Online Service (ROS) in real-time. Employers must continue to ensure that all payments and deductions are calculated correctly, but now it must be reported in real-time as part of the payroll process3.

Peter Connor, Co-Founder of Bullet (PC): Government payroll system changed in Ireland and that was pretty big project. We faced big changes with terrible test environment. A lot of ups and downs. Our company would be totally gone if that issue hadn't been resolved.

The Solution

The existing accounting software was updated according to the legal requirements. Updated application allows to report to ROS in two ways:

  • Direct Payroll Reporting – payroll software will automatically share employee information with ROS.
  • ROS Payroll Reporting – the employer can upload files created on payroll software to ROS.

PC: Softjourn did a great job and took tremendous amount of pressure off me. I always like the developers to take the lead. When you trust your development team, which I do, then they are pretty much running the show. And we took all the advice they gave us.

The Benefits

The benefit of the solution:

  • Compliance with new regulations. Customers can use the payroll system.

The benefit for Bullet:

  • Client Satisfaction. Keep the happy customers.

PC: The best thing about working with Softjourn to solve our problems, is the cultural aspect. Working with Ukrainian engineers reminded me of the Irish work ethic before millennials arrived on the scene.