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Softjourn has completed many Java software development projects for the music, retail, television, social media, financial industries…and more. Every client has widely disparate needs, security issues, and varied user interface requirements, yet we are consistently able to design and develop solutions that exceed our customers’ goals.  

"We really liked your structure and communication from the outset, and felt confident that you had the resources and team in place." - Simon Whelan, COO at FenestraPro

The need

With the world getting faster, smarter, more efficient and better equipped, now is the time to use technology to tackle some of the toughest challenges we face today: energy, communications, traffic, architecture...

The World Economic Forum has developed an Energy Architecture Performance Index that ranks 105 countries globally on how well their energy systems deliver economic growth and development, environmental sustainability, energy security and access. In a changing global energy landscape, countries are looking for ways to manage the transition to new energy systems, to construct new environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings in order not only to save money on bills but to support innovation in architecture.

Innovation in designing environmentally friendly buildings, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing time, while maintaining an aesthetic concept was the task facing Softjourn developers when we were approached by FenestraPro, a technology company based in Dublin, Ireland.

The Solution

FenestraPro had already developed a prototype, of their new service for architects, which served as a basis for the final solution.

Following the projects specs, Softjourn’s task was to design and develop a software design tool that would not only inform architects, in the design of building facades at an early stage, on the stage in the design process, but also provide technical guidance based on the building’s geometry - overall size, number of stories, energy and natural daylight performance, shading strategies and more.

The solution is expected to help architects make the right decisions for the design of non-residential building façades based on the site location, the building orientation, and thermal performance levels. FenestraPro informs the designer on implications, such as:

  • the maximum amount of glazing allowed;
  • distribution of glazing;
  • daylight analysis and calculation;
  • solar shading aspects;
  • cost indication, and more.

The Benefits

The new FenestraPro software is ready to be used by architectural teams enabling them to see the implications that design decisions, made at an early stage, will have on how the building performs and uses energy.

It is programmed specifically to eliminate the need for redesigning after standard and elemental requirements have been applied. In addition, it provides the option for several people to work on the same project and to modify building settings. It ensures real-time compliance checking and effective technical support. Finally, all the data can be generated as a PDF document for e-mailing, printing, and other forms of sharing.

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