Case Study
8 minutes


Effective planning and management of any event, regardless of whether it is a sporting event, concert, conference or other events, require implementation of an effective event registration software. 
When event organizers use third party software to register their events and sell tickets, they look for the most suitable and flexible one, both for themselves as the event provider and for their attendees and patrons. No wonder these systems are constantly being updated to maintain their competitive edge over the others available in the market. 

The Need

One of our clients, a European event registration and ticketing company, turned to us because of our deep ticketing experience. Their need was to add more extended options to the admin component of their event registration system. 

The Solution

Softjourn has been assisting ticketing and event management vendors for over 10 years, delivering a wide range of projects at both the functional and system levels. Based on our expertise in this area, we were pleased to assist this provider of event registration and ticketing solutions, when they needed to add new features, so their customers would have extended options when registering a new event.

Project Immersion

The aesthetic component of the user experience was a key feature of the system, so we worked closely with our customer to come up with a user-friendly workflow for the new features that are used by customers when creating their events. The result – customers can now choose from a few ways to show the workflow event attendees follow while registering for an event. Communication played a major role in our work, making the entire process both productive and easy-going. Frequent meetings made it possible to plan the scope of work to be done during the week efficiently and then to continually track results during the week and during weekly delivery meetings.

Starting point

As usual, when working with a start-up, Softjourn started with adding small enhancements to the event registration system and bug fixing, as well as implementing regression testing. This allowed us to get up to speed on the existing system quickly and to learn how and where we could bring more value to their customers.