8 minutes

First published: December 18, 2015

The Need

Noca, a California-based start up, needed assistance in the development of their proprietary payment processing platform called Secure Check™.

Secure Check system is a low-cost alternative to credit and debit cards. Merchants are charged a lower rate to offer consumers the opportunity to pay securely by electronic check. Consumers sign up for the service, are validated, and can pay by e-check at any merchant that uses Noca’s Secure Check™ processing system.

The Solution

Test drive

Before we began with assistance we decided to kick off with the production testing environment set up and working for their payment platform.

Dedicated team model

After the project's delivery it was decided to form a dedicated team that will assist in the development and further improvements of the system.


  • Programming language: Java 
  • Frameworks: Spring, Dojo 
  • Database: PostgreSQL IDE: Eclipse
  • Application Server: Glassfish Business rule management system (BRMS): Drools 
  • Web service: AXIS 2 
  • Other development tools: Hibernate ORB,

The Benefits

  • Entire functionality package delivered to improve the transaction processes : credit card integration task and transaction support development; Ubercart Integration task that involved development of the drupal 6.x module "Secure Check Lite" to integrate Noca system into different website
  • Improved customer servicing with Email client and notification system improvements
  • Number of frauds decreased due to security features development, e.g. PIN functionality for customers
  • Market extension due to API integrations