8 minutes

The Need

Imagine you can workout in any corner in the world with your personal coach without losing shape or regime. This is the vision of PlayFitness. Using technologic approach to this business workouts turned more flexible, effective, and affordable. The main idea was to give people access to the type of training they are interested in, exactly when they are interested in it, and give them access to top training professionals’ right from home.

The Solution

Lean approach

During initial conversations, we agreed to move iteratively. Due to hard deadlines, we had clear goals and sprint backlogs to accomplish. In the version 1.0, we showed how their service would work to potential investors. Initial functionality included being able to search for a trainer for a particular sport or fitness activity; check their calendar and book a time to work out with them.

Communication is a king

During development, Softjourn provided PlayFitness with access to its staging server where they could see continuous updates.  This helped get rapid feedback from the client and to quickly react to any necessary changes. Due to such approach, both sides managed to release successful 1.0 version to collect the market feedback before wider launch. 

The Benefits

  • Hard deadlines are 100% achieved
  • 1.0 version functionality caused no issues during trial


Coding language: PHP DB: MySQL

CMS: Joomla

Other development tools: jQuery