The People That Get Things Done

The People That Get Things Done
Welcome to Softjourn, a trusted software development partner that is providing consulting, engineering, tech operations and software development for 17 years.

Building Software of the Future

"At Softjourn, we know the importance of doing 'one more thing' to bring additional value to our clients, whether it's assisting them in designing a new service or identifying and solving a key issue they have."

Emmy Gengler - Entrepreneur and software developer with over 35 years of experience in the software engineering industry, in 2001, she founded Softjounr and a software development company with offices in California, Ukraine, Poland, and Brazil. As CEO of Softjourn, she is passionate about what software can do, how it can bring ideas to life, and getting it done in a way that clients can launch new services and see results. 

In the Past 10 Years We Have Delivered a Multitude of Products

Softjourn is dedicated to solving problems for companies like yours. We understand your industry and can quickly get to work, saving you valuable time and effort. We are here to help if you are facing challenges such as:

  • Development resources
  • Assistance with troubleshooting your application
  • Guidance on software updates and migrations
  • Expertise in UX/UI
  • Support from experienced SAs and DevOps professionals

What Our Clients Say

Since 2010 Softjourn team has been maintaining the processing system which is a core of our business; they've done a great job so far! We value the knowledge transfer process as well as excellent development skills!

Andriy Berezyuk, Business Development Director at UPC
Andriy Berezyuk
Business Development Director at UPC

We have been working with Softjourn for 12+ years now and our developers continue to impress me with their expertise, knowledge, and dedication to our project. I count a lot of Softjourn’s expertise and I am confident in our ability to deliver cutting-edge technology for our clients. They are my team and I count on them as if we were all working in the same office! 

Brenda Crainic. CTO at Tacit Corporation
Brenda Crainic
CTO at Tacit Innovations

We were encouraged because Softjourn asked the right questions, involved people with the right experience in to the conversations. Showed good leadership in managing the process of walking them through the sales process, keeping them on track, and has a lot of strong knowledge in the financial area, as they are a small software developer company and there are always so many other things that are pulling us in multiple directions. As well Softjourn shows a lot of experience in multiple programming languages and in combining them in to one product.

Toffer Grant, Founder at PEX
Toffer Grant
Founder at PEX

We partnered with Softjourn because of their ticketing domain expertise. They also had the technical capacity. Overall, we had a very positive experience and would be happy to work with Softjourn on future projects. Softjourn took a strong consultative role in understanding pain points and creating a thorough analysis. We weren’t rushed into a solution, and the solutions Softjourn provided were ultimately successful and delivered within budget.

Kayhan Ahmadi
CEO at Ticketbud

The CTO left the company after about eight years, and I needed to replace him. I didn't want to replace him with a single CTO because that created a single point of failure, so I went back to Softjourn. You just can't run an SaaS company without development work. Nearly every time I meet someone, and they're having problems with developers, I tell them "you need to call Softjourn". Softjourn just gives me tremendous peace of mind, and I can't emphasize that enough.

Peter Connor, Co-Founder at Bullet
Peter Connor
Co-Founder at Bullet

We believe in Softjourn’s expertise in payments. The team was very responsive and easy to work with. Everything has been positive thus far, and our team is very satisfied with the team’s responsiveness. Softjourn team really knows their stuff regarding payments.

PM from the client's side

We have found Softjourn to be an excellent development partner. They have been consistent on deliverables and timelines, have workshopped solutions with our team, and made insightful suggestions for improving the UI/UX and functionality of our apps. We're very happy with the finished products and look forward to the opportunity to work with Softjourn again in the future.

Michael Kennedy - Technical Director at Quicket
Michael Kennedy
Technical Director at Quicket

Softjourn's Values

Live Through Software

Live Through Software

Our work is driven by passion, and we take immense inspiration from it. We hold a firm belief that our software serves as a catalyst to bring their ideas to fruition. We foster innovation and drive transformative change by continuously adapting to our clients' ever-changing requirements.
Just Improve

Just Improve

Recognizing that our expertise grows through a cycle of teaching and learning, we constantly redefine the boundaries of what can be achieved, ultimately altering the very limits of what can be imagined.
Think Human

Think Human

Our approach centers on technology designed to cater to human needs, prioritizing people over rigid systems. It involves individuals collaborating with each other, embracing empathy to develop cutting-edge solutions.
Do One More Thing

Do One More Thing

We nurture the belief that an open mind, receptive to new possibilities, is the most powerful driver of change. This attitude empowers our clients and propels our team to evolve, progress, and flourish constantly.

Solving Problems

Our clients care deeply about their products, and that's why they choose Softjourn. We have a track record of making our clients' lives easier by understanding and solving their most pressing challenges. Softjourn's expertise in ticketing and finance lets us understand your business quickly and provide tailored solutions. Over the past decade, we have built strong relationships with our clients, and their continued satisfaction is a testament to our commitment to excellence.
Kickoff meeting
Contract Signing
Discovery Phase

Softjourn's Talent Pool

Continuous development

We offer new employee orientation and education in specialized guilds and using learning platforms and mentoring. On industry guilds, our experts share their knowledge and expertise to raise the bar of quality on every project to come.

Always ready for new projects

8% of the staff is always available for new projects at any time. Today, we have 300+ developers, and we are still growing our worldwide workforce to serve clients in all parts of the world.


Building relationships

Most people in Softjourn have celebrated their 5 years at the company, but we also have people that are proudly working for Softjourn for 15+ years. We are the company that attracts young developers but with a strong pool of senior experts.

How Do We Deliver

Welcome to Softjourn, a software development company where excellence is the norm and innovation knows no bounds! We have the resources, expertise, and infrastructure to bring your projects to life, and with a team of over 300 developers, we have the capacity to tackle projects of any size.

Internal Developers

Our team boasts software developers as experts in different domains. Through our internal guilds and access to learning platforms, we harness this collective knowledge, creating a rich pool of diverse developers, ensuring unparalleled expertise and innovation for your projects.

Software developers as experts in different domains
Experts with 15+ years of ticketing experience
Internal guilds
Rich pool of different developers
We Adjust Processes and Tools

In our development process, we prioritize source code control for versioning and collaboration. Expert software developers contribute within this structured environment to ensure the bug tracking swiftly resolves any issue. With updated status documentation and reporting we offer key insights for our client's informed decision-making.

Source code control
Development process
Bug tracking
Development environment
Status documentation and reporting
High Coding Standards

Adhering to industry standards, our approach is tailored to client needs. We employ diverse testing methodologies and strategies, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of software functionality and performance, delivering optimal results for each project.

Following industry standards
Tailored to client’s needs
Code walkthroughs
Using a variety of methodologies and strategies for testing

Global Presence

Our four offices and global team enable us to provide round-the-clock support and seamless collaboration. Our developers are experts in a wide range of technologies, ensuring we can meet your requirements. 

We follow established delivery processes and communication standards to ensure smooth project execution. Softjourn's values and our partnerships with industry-leading companies make us a reliable and trusted partner.

Additionally, our dedicated R&D center and employee advancement programs keep our team at the cutting edge of technology.


How We Can Help You

Time Management
Time Management

We can save you time by working alongside your team or independently, accelerating project timelines. 


Our services help you save money by eliminating the need to hire and onboard new personnel. 

Organized Work
Organized Work

We take care of the organizational aspects, sparing you from the complexities of managing people.

Better Products
Better Products

With our expertise and guidance, you can create a better product that meets the evolving needs of your users. 


We also offer thorough testing and bug resolution to ensure the reliability of your existing solution. 


We will provide valuable suggestions on how you can continue to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

Why Should Your Work with Softjourn

Softjourn has earned the trust of numerous clients who have worked with us for over a decade. Their continued partnership and satisfaction are a testament to our reliability and commitment to their success. We take pride in doing what we say we will do and prioritize our client's happiness above all else. With Softjourn, you can rest assured that we will not disappear, and we maintain open and transparent communication throughout every project.


Building Trust
Building Trust