Softjourn Thought Leaders

Oleh Sorokopud
Head of Digital Marketing

Meet Oleh Sorokopud, an accomplished digital marketing expert who serves as the Head of Digital Marketing at Softjourn. With a master's degree in Document Studies and Information Systems Analysis and over seven years of experience in marketing for tech companies, Oleh has become a well-respected figure in the software development marketing landscape.

Oleh is a strong advocate of lifelong learning, acquiring a range of certifications in SEO, Digital Marketing, and Communication Strategies. His leadership style motivates teams to explore digital marketing's potential, leveraging new technologies and techniques for performance improvements. Oleh has specialized expertise in outsourcing software development, as well as within the spheres of technology, payment systems, media, and entertainment sectors.

Published Words: My thoughts have journeyed through EntrepreneurCMSWire, the American Marketing AssociationAZBigMediaSocialChampDataBoxPursue the Passion, and others.

Written by Oleh Sorokopud

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