Event Tech Live, US & Canada

6/8-6/9, 2021
Virtual Conference

Our Participants

Lyubomyr Nykyforuk
Lyubomyr Nykyforuk
Head of the Solution Creation Department
Emmy Gengler
Emmy Gengler
Jeff Kreuser
Jeff Kreuser

About the Conference

Buoyed by its success in physical and virtual incarnations Event Tech Live (ETL) makes its digital debut in the States and Canada on June 8-9 2021.

A product of demand from Event Tech Live attendees and customers on both sides of the pond, ETL USA & Canada will replicate the content and new technology onus of the UK show with a steer towards the solutions helping organisers to keep hosting events through the pandemic and, ultimately, the pivot back to some sort of normal.

ETL USA & Canada will feature 100+ exhibitors together with all the action from two live stages. A third platform will be running highlights, exclusive interviews and tech trials.

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