UPC: An Ongoing Relationship Built on Ongoing Success

Ukrainian Processing Center
Ukrainian Processing Center

The Ukrainian Processing Center supports banks in Ukraine and other Central and Eastern Europe countries with processing services and software. It currently serves 24 banks in Ukraine and 10 banks in Eastern Europe, providing card payment, merchant acquiring, ATM channel management and ecommerce services. 


The UPC/Softjourn relationship started small. In 2008, UPC asked Softjourn for assistance as part of its systemwide server upgrade. Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted support for its clients’ ongoing business operations, UPC needed to validate that its upgraded servers could handle any transaction volume under any set of variable conditions they might encounter in production. 

Softjourn built a simulator to stress test the upgraded servers. The simulator subjected the servers to activity and conditions significantly more challenging than they might face in live operation. And, it supported UPC in making a seamless server transition with zero downtime for clients. 

Putting a critical function in the hands of a third party was a leap of faith by UPC. Its previous experience with third-party software development had been disappointing. Over the years, Softjourn has built on its initial success working with UPC, and through steady delivery has become a UPC trusted partner. 

The Need

With a diverse client base working hard to stabilize the banking environment and build trust among a consumer population that historically has been skeptical of financial institutions, UPC is at the forefront of helping its clients restructure and transition.

This includes introducing financial services that are fast, reliable and convenient for consumers and upgrading operational capabilities to increase its clients’ efficiency and cost effectiveness, while minimizing risk and achieving regulatory compliance. It also includes applying current technology and standards to keep clients’ services and capabilities aligned with the international payments community. 

These multiple and simultaneous challenges generate workload spikes outside of normal UPC operations, creating a need for ongoing supplemental and short-term specialized technical expertise.  

The Solution 

UPC partnered with Softjourn to augment its in-house technical teams to provide incremental technical support and project-specific expertise to address UPC’s required internal upgrades, new product enablement and process improvement. 6 Softjourn employees are dedicated exclusively to UPC, with an additional 1 to 2, on average, working on specific developmental projects at any given time. 

Softjourn’s staff dedicated to UPC is largely focused on maintaining and continually enhancing UPC’s critical Unix-based TPII system, which transmits authorization validation data among issuers, acquirers and ATMs and POS terminal driven by UPC. TPII is the core of UPC’s operation, touching every transaction that flows through the processing center. During the past few years, the Softjourn TPII team’s most significant enhancements to the system have included mobile banking app and ecommerce gateways to Mastercard and Visa.

Since 2009, Softjourn has maintained and continually enhanced UPC’s critical TPII system, a Unix-based transaction and card processing system that transmits authorization validation data among issuers, acquirers and ATMs and POS terminals that UPC drives. Among other things, TPII handles authorizing transactions performed by UPC clients’ customers; sending international transaction requests to Mastercard, Visa or other processing hosts for authorization; updating payment network requirements to support new features and services; and message routing, currency conversion, user credential checking and transaction logging—from terminals, networks and hosts using different message formats.  

Currently, UPC has Softjourn involved in five development efforts, including:

  • upgrading software to optimize the system that monitors UPC’s network of 5-6k ATMs, e-commerce gateway to help merchants use UPC processing system,
  • few java projects to deal with smartcards and keys management,
  • internal testing software to test transactions. 


UPC provides world-class card processing services to Banks and large Acquiring Networks in CEE that serve millions of consumers and businesses. Softjourn’s ongoing support is an important part of our success. We value their partnership in helping us address the complex software and technology needed to operate a world-class business.

Sergiy Ivanovich Vetrenko
Technical director


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