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Softjourn began developing Android apps in 2008 via its development center in Ukraine. Since that time we have successfully delivered a number of Android solutions that have helped our clients improve their services, won their clients and generate more revenue for their businesses. Apart from Android development, Softjourn offers iOS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry software development services.

The Need

To be successful in the restaurant business, operators should be aware of the main trends in their industry. They need to get the most important data accurately and quickly. Our client, Mirus Restaurant Solutions, is a leader in reporting and analysis tools for the restaurant industry. It has helped casual dining, QSR and fine dining restaurants chain gain greater control over their operations. Mirus came to us with the aim to create a new Mirus mobile application for putting an even higher level of information at the fingertips of their clients.

The Solution

This application will enable Mirus clients to access key reporting features via mobile devices running Android and iOS. The Mirus app includes the following types of reports:

  • Sales Detail
  • Discounts
  • Labor Hours
  • Labor Dollars
  • Product Mix

A restaurant owner or manager can quickly look through all the reports they are interested in. It is also possible to select a default report that pops up all the time.

The app lets the users choose the look and feel they want to have by letting them choose the color scheme they would like to see. When viewing a report one is able to use filters – to select store dimension and time. As for the graphic view, there are four standard report views: pie, line, bar and table. The user of the app is also offered various GPS related features. With the help of this feature it is possible to navigate, call and see reports for a specific store.

The Mirus mobile app supports the lightweight JSON format and it is able to handle larger data sets being pulled from the web service. 

The Benefits

The new Mirus mobile application is currently ready for wide usage on devices running iOS 6 and 7 and Android 4+. This app is easily extensible for possible future development to support Mirus clients’ changing and growing needs. New Mirus iOS and Android applications have gone live recently!