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The Need

E-commerce nowadays is a battlefield. There is no wonder that current statistics shows that about 40 percent of worldwide Internet users have bought products or services online. As a result e-commerce web sites want customers’ attention and try to please them with pricing, customer service, quality etc. But the first step in e-commerce is the well-designed UI and thoughtful UX, otherwise, you won’t keep the lead long enough to take an action. Especially when the niche is unexplored. 

Our new customer, DentalEX, Canadian dentists` start-up, turned to Softjourn with the idea to create an e-commerce website offering educational dental courses, where dental practitioners could find and select all available courses online. There wasn`t such online solution for Canadian dentists before and they had to spend much time searching for courses of their interest.

The Solution

Shift of the web-platform

DentalEX and Softjourn`s team agreed on the website to be built on Magento open-source management system, as it is a flexible, cost-efficient solution with a higher grade of quality for the product. We built the web-site to be viewable and functional from any browsers and on any devices.

Friendly filter feature

Now DentalEX customers have no need to scroll many pages in order to find a dental course of their interest. The special built-in filter allows to sort courses in different categories, taking into account specialized area, course format, price, duration and even geographical location of the course to be held.

Synchronization with e-payment

The website is synchronized with Canadian e-payment system, Monaris, for payment transactions processing, so DentalEX customers only need to log in, choose an appropriate course and pay for it just in a matter of seconds. 

The Benefits

  • Courses browsing time is cut
  • Highly accurate filter is built
  • Responsive and sales-oriented e-commerce web-site on the free Magento platform
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