8 minutes

The Need

Soon after its launch, Barracuda FX was named “Best High Growth Company” at InterTradeIreland’s 8th annual All-island Seedcorn Business Competition in 2010. To spur growth, they were looking to expand the capabilities of their team of software engineers. Expertise with Flex was critical so that Barracuda could continually upgrade the user interface of their proprietary desktop system. 

The Solution

Expertise test drive

Since it was Barracuda FX’s first experience with a distributed software development partnership, the company set out to find a partner who understood the industry and used best practices. Once Barracuda FX found Softjourn, both partners decided to go with a trial period to test the teams and gauge the effectiveness of distributed development for Barracuda FX.

Seamless integration into the process

One of Barracuda FX concerns was whether their on-site team and Softjourn’s remote one would be able to cooperate effectively without taking too much time and effort to organize the process, set tasks and so on. Understanding this, Softjourn has organized its work using frequent and transparent communication to demonstrate the benefits of the virtual team model. In addition to the daily meetings between developers, Softjourn conducted bi-weekly steering committee with Barracuda to talk about issues, measure progress and determine whether adjustments were needed.

The Benefits

  • Increased productivity led to growth in Barracuda’s customer base. 
  • Created successful virtual team management best practices,enabling Barracuda to work with developers from anywhere.
  • Built confidence within Barracuda that when the need arose, they could successfully ramp up and increase their deliveries to the market. 

Project Achievements:

  • Agile/Flexible
  • Test drive proved its worth
  • Hit the ground running