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Sitting on kitchen counters across America, chatbots like Alexa, Siri, and Echo have become a mainstay in our day-to-day. Event venues are on track to be no exception. A highly anticipated trend in 2019 includes the employment of chatbots to assist attendees in next steps during their ticket purchases, to field questions ahead of an event, and to act as a personal attendant during the show.

AI is changing ticketing business

The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of ticketing industry trends. Chatbots can help save users’ time as well as event organizers money – for example by reduction of traditional help desk operations. Such chatbots are accessible 24/7, support different languages and give immediate response to fans’ queries1. With recent advancements in infinite computing, natural language understanding, and deep learning, the application of enterprise AI solutions is more practical than ever before2.

Chatbots in action

Chatbots are programs built to automatically engage with received messages. These programs are prepared to respond the same way each time or to respond differently to messages containing certain keywords and even to use machine learning to adapt their responses to fit the situation. Chatbots leverage chat mediums like SMS text, website chat windows and social messaging services across platforms like Facebook and Twitter to receive and respond to messages3. With a nice and simple user interface, flexibility and efficiency of use, chatbots are a preferable tool for quick communication. 

Chatbots adoption

The biggest players in the industry started to implement chatbots in 2017. According to the research4:

  • 80% of businesses plan to use chatbots by 2020.
  • A chatbot can cut a customer service budget by about 25%.
  • The hospitality industry was estimated to be one of the leading industries to benefit from a chatbot behind e-commerce, insurance, health, and retail.

Businesses are beginning to see the benefits of using chatbots for their consumer-facing products. Don't stay behind!