8 minutes

The Need

TV watching used to be a social activity.  Friends and family gathered together and could discuss the show as they watched. The internet and the ability to view tv shows and videos online changed the event to be more of an individual activity.

So ClipSync decided to turn back this social tradition of watching TV and movies together. The question was how to bring the experience of watching our favourite TV shows with the friends when we are not in the same room?  How can we have that same fun interaction watching videos and TV shows that we do when we are together, while we are watching online?

The Solution

Interactive online platform

Imagine a social media video platform where users can join an existing group viewing a TV show or movie, or they can create their own viewing group by inviting their friends to a “private showing”. Imagine also an option to chat with each other about what they are watching, interact with the screen, etc

Platform business model

There is something in the solution for the media firms as well. Video Platform is white-labelled for the particular company and advertising is also added to the experience. Advertising took several forms including pre-roll advertising. As well the solution is customizable and developed for specific events such as what was done for Showtime for a Bon Jovi concert in late 2009.


  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Coding languages: ActionScript 3.0, C#
  • Databases: PostgeSQL 8.2+, MS SQL 2005, MySQL
  • Development tools: Flex/Flash Builder, Visual Studio 2008/2010 Team System
  • Libraries: WebORB, NHibernate, SharpZipLib, log4net

The Benefits

  • Clipsync's social Media Platform is integrated with and its "Watch and Chat Rooms". Now users can watch various TV shows while interacting with their friends.
  • Clipsync's interactive player is integrated into to bring remote social experience. For example The project included the support of a Bon Jovi online viewing event, which was a "trailer" before the Bon Jovi "When We Were Beautiful" Premiere!
  • Epix uses Clipsync's highly interactive player with its "watch with friends" feature.

"Softjourn helped us to identify the technical issues involved with the Browser Extension project during the project planning phase. Their project manager Bogdan Mykhaylovych was instrumental in helping to sort out these issues. The development phase went very smoothly without requiring much interaction or oversight on our end." - Jeremy Egenberger, Vice President of Engineering at ClipSync