8 minutes

We’d like to tell you a story about how we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and came up with a unique prototype following 5 stages of the design-thinking approach. The story ends with a great design for a mobile cinema app, but let’s not jump ahead of ourselves.

How everything started

One of our previous clients, a chain of movie theaters, decided to rewrite their mobile app for ticket purchases. The thing is, they wanted something completely different from what they already had. They wanted something that would offer ticket buyers an innovative, cool design and one that would provide a better experience. They announced a call for bids among Ukrainian software companies and the main requirement for the new app was “it should provoke excitement and admiration—in other words, have the Wow! factor.” Softjourn couldn’t stand back from this kind of challenge, so we rolled up our sleeves and took part in the competition.

How the prototype was created

As you can imagine, we won this competition and, with great excitement, we began to wonder how to create this amazing solution without losing time and money. Key facts when preparing this prototype:

  • Total of 6 days spent
  • 6 hours that included: preparing a concept, coming up with the design, developing a prototype, presenting the result to the client
  • 41 cups of coffee consumed
  • 2 whiteboards and 93 stickers used while brainstorming.

Our client benefits

  • Certainty. Our solution helped to ensure that the product does what it is supposed to do.
  • Predictability. Our client understood how his idea works in real life and which functionality needs more focus.
  • Estimation. Our client gained appropriate knowledge to quantify the time, resources and money needed to create his final product.