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About Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC)

A member of the Raiffeisen International Group, the Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC), is the leader in Ukrainian payment card processing, ATM support and payment solutions for banks.


The Need

Since transaction volumes have been growing rapidly, UPC was looking for a software development partner to assist with support and improvements for their existing processing system, TPII. The objective was to build a device management system for payment card authorization and card acceptance at ATMs, POS, kiosks, online, and so on. 


The Solution

A dedicated team approach

After a successful first project, UPC decided to continue working with Softjourn, extending the format to a dedicated team that could be involved in ongoing work with its systems.

Cash flow management system

TPII is the largest ongoing project, involving a package of software products developed by IFS International, Inc. to manage networks of ATMs and POS devices.

Visa and MasterCard features

With the new features Softjourn implemented, UPC's customers can now use contactless MasterCard and VISA cards. 

Softjourn analyzed new VISA and MasterCard mandates, such as the October 2010 VisaNet Business Enhancements v.1.0, and implemented the necessary changes to meet these requirements. We also prepared documentation for the changes.

Customer Data Management

We also set up data generation for the Central Cash Management system of one of UPC’s client, Aval Bank, a member of the Raiffeisen International Group.


The Benefits

  • The customer satisfaction rate went up after the system bug fixes and new features were added.
  • Cost effectiveness improved by using Linux OS and Softjourn’s solutions.

"Since 2010 Softjourn team have been maintaining the processing system which is a core of our business; they’ve done a great job so far! We value the knowledge transfer process as well as excellent development skills!" - Andriy Berezyuk, Business Development Director at UPC


Ukrainian Processing Centre (UPC) - Softjourn financial client logo

Ukrainian Processing Centre (UPC) is a card transaction processing company, founded in 1997 in Ukraine.

UPC is part of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG Group (Austria). UPC offers processing services, e-commerce services, as well as provides ATM support and develops payment solutions for banks.


Operating System: Linux, UNIX

Coding language: C, Pro*C/C++, Java

Database: Oracle RDBMS

Development Technologies: AJAX