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First published: May 19, 2016

The Need

When people neglect to buy tickets in advance and come to an exhibition or concert, they usually expect to buy tickets at the entrance. But not all event organizers prepare for this eventuality nowadays. When there is no option to buy tickets at the door, the event is likely to lose both customers, who’ll go to another event instead, and, of course, income.

Softjourn’s first Australian client, an event registration and ticketing company called Floktu, had seen the need to add new features to their suite of services. They already had the platform for registering an event and selling tickets, but decided to add the option of selling tickets directly at the door and also printing them on the spot.

The Solution

Domain and technology expertise

Softjourn has been assisting ticketing and event management vendors for over 10 years, delivering many projects at both the functional and system levels. We have worked with scanning apps to validate and sell tickets at the door, so our expertise in this domain and its technologies prepared us to help Floktu add new features to their suite of services.

What value was added

The Softjourn team added the option to sell general admission tickets at the door and print them on thermal printers using Boca Systems devices in both portrait and landscape modes.

As part of the new service, we added features to enable selling packages of tickets, searching through multiple orders by various criteria, and customizing the ticket design. Our team set up a ticket graphics editor that allows Floktu to create a fully-customized ticket. As an example, event owners can now change the ticket layout, add a logo, provide any necessary information and images, and more. Floktu customers will definitely like these new updates! 

After the “getting to know you” phase was complete, the rate of development was very fast. End product was excellent! Point of Sale is a new feature, and it will help us reach and service a new kind of client. - Director at Floktu


  • OS: Windows, Linux 
  • Language: PHP (Symphony) 
  • Database: My SQL 
  • Project Management tools: Redmine, Redcase 
  • Mobile Devices: iOS and Android tablets

The Benefits

The Floktu event registration and ticket sales system has had its functionality extended to include such new options as:

  • POS service for selling tickets at the door
  • Thermal ticket printing (including printing packages of tickets)
  • A graphic ticket design service

We’re not just doing projects for Floktu. We’re helping them offer their customers more options and expand their market presence. This was my and Softjourn’s first experience with an Australian customer and Floktu’s first experience with Softjourn—and it was great! We’re already working on more options for event managers – Andriy M., Project Manager at Softjourn