8 minutes

The Need

Children today are exposed to media much more strongly than any previous generation. Statistics show that the average 8-10-year-old in the US spends around 8 hours a day in front of a screen watching cartoons, playing games or surfing the internet. There is almost no way to prevent such media intrusion, but parents can still influence which entertainment activities their kids engage in.  

With that in mind, Creative Trust, a Brand Management firm and co-owner of JellyTelly, turned to Softjourn to help them continue delivering and expanding their mobile reach for their faith-based programming.  

The Solution

Project Immersion

Softjourn’s objective was to develop new iOS and Android JellyTelly apps that would provide faith-based videos and devotionals to teach children about God and faith. The first step in this process was to get to know the client’s existing service and determine what functionality should be added to the mobile apps. The apps were developed simultaneously, so when the project was completed, our client received two ready-to-use products.  

It was a strategic decision to launch development for both apps at the same time since it provided quicker time to market. As well, the two teams, iOS, and Android, were able to combine and share any questions and answers between the two mobile teams. The knowledge share between the two mobile teams made them more effective since each team was asking a question the other team may not yet have thought of, but still needed an answer to.  

Project Process

“Good job communicating issues that the team needed clarity on, or additional direction - daily status reports were also great”, - Matt Clark - Product and UX Manager, Creative Trust  

The API to communicate with the JellyTelly backend was not fully completed when Softjourn’s mobile team started developing the apps. This enabled Softjourn and JellyTelly to work together to make sure that the API and the mobile apps were fully in sync. JellyTelly was always open to every question asked of the mobile teams was very quick with answers, which helped to deliver both apps on time!  

Proactivity and mobile development experience

“The team was proactive with solutions for undefined issues/design, and contributed a lot by sharing the mobile app development knowledge we didn’t have!”, - Matt Clark - Product and UX Manager, Creative Trust  

Project value

Kids are much more adapted to consume media in a new way today, so the JellyTelly apps will play a very important role in their religious worldview and could really make a big difference in the life of a child.  


  • Languages: iOS app – Objective C, Android app – Java
  • Development tools: iOS – XCode, Android – Android Studio
  • Software platforms: iOS, Android
  • Devices: iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.0+, Android 4.0.3+

The Benefits

Now JellyTelly customers will have access to their materials and videos not only from their desktops, but also from mobile devices, at any time, such as when kids are driven to school or enjoying a picnic somewhere outdoors. Both the iOS and Android apps:

  • are native; 
  • have slick, eye-catching designs to grab a child’s attention; 
  • work on tablets. 

While developing the iOS app Softjourn's developers used the Auto Layout approach (enabling size classes) to make sure that it looks great on all iOS versions including iPads. The updated iOS app is available on iTunes, as well you may download the Android version, which is available on Google Play.  


JellyTelly is a unique online video and game network for families, developed with VeggieTales© and What’s In the Bible? creator Phil Vischer. As a faith-based alternative to other children’s entertainment, JellyTelly provides families with a safe place to learn and play online and help raise the next generation of Christians.