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When you decide to go mobile you need someone who loves mobile development. We love mobile. This love started back in 2008 from iOS app, when we have successfully delivered a number of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch solutions. But this love cannot remain monogamous. There were so many tempting platforms so we decided to date others such as  Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry and didn’t miss. They are all fantastic in their own way.

The Need

With the smartphone revolution well under way, people are using their devices for everything from streaming music to video chatting.

There are hundreds of music streaming apps in the big apps stores. Some of them are purely online radio streaming services; others let you listen to streams as well, but via subscription, offering a wider variety of features that enhance listening experience.

A leading Israeli Internet portal wanted to offer their users a unique take on music. They decided to create their own mobile application for streaming audio content and add it to their suite of media services.

The Solution

Our client wanted to cover both iOS and Android platforms, but they decided to start with Android.

Like many apps of this kind, a new music streaming application allows for two sets of functionality depending on the type of a subscription. Users with a free subscription can listen to radio streaming, as well as music from the web server, however they are limited in some of the functionality (e.g. no option for skipping songs, disabled progress bar, no option for creating playlists etc.) that is available with a paid subscription.


Android SDK

The Benefits

The result of this project was the creation of an Android application with more than 50k downloads on Google Play!

“Overall, we were very happy with the project’s results. It was a very interesting and challenging Android development experience”, Volodymyr K., Sr. Android Developer

After delivering the project, our team started working on another Android project for the same client and with somewhat similar functionality, with the difference that the new project to be evolved around streaming video content. Check out project details here!