8 minutes

When you decide to go mobile you need someone who loves mobile development. We love mobile. This love started back in 2008 with the iOS app, when we have successfully delivered a number of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch solutions. But his love cannot remain monogamous. There were so many tempting platforms so we decided to date others such as  Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry and didn’t miss. They are all fantastic in their own way.

The Need

Since the mobile market is booming, as a result, more and more media web portals are working to deliver a unique and engaging experience, particularly to mobile users. Our client, an Israeli-based company, had already developed an iPhone application which let users watch full episodes of different tv-shows,  view information about them, share specifics about what they are watching on Facebook or manage their favorite shows, episodes, and movies.

Next step was to build the application on Android platform as still, this is a leading one platform in the world. The app would give free access to a wide variety of video content available on one of the most popular Israeli web portals.

The Solution

User Experience

Since mobile users are sophisticated yet, therefore they require thoughtful design and architecture. We did our best to build search filter as it is one of the key elements while searching through watch list.  

Analytic tool

We set up the Google Analytics to run as many tests and analysis as possible in order to understand the real user behavior. We tracked the number of events in the application, starting from when the splash screen including the different types of page requests and when a video is requested. This lets us go clean and rebuild the app to the lowest bounce rate possible. 


Programming language: Java SDK: Android Other technologies: JSON

The Benefits

  • High app download rate due to  thoughtful UX 
  • Users base grew up with the expansion of a TV channels market.