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Several projects have been completed for Nexera to date. The first Nexera project involved the development of a multi-channel Gateway to work with Nexera’s VISIA system. The VISIA system is a web-based intelligent network-centric video surveillance system. The application software developed enabled Video Clients using the site, to forward alarm messages to monitoring personnel such as firemen, police, forest rangers, etc. Messages can be sent via various formats such as email, SMS, etc. Via a map, operators are able to visualize the location and properties of each video client.

Administratively the web-based tool created enables the creation and management of video client locations (cameras) and associations, and the assignment of groups of receivers for particular security events. Operators are able to monitor a map with cameras and respond to security events, via a Java applet.

A second project completed, involved developing an Alarm System - a real-time solution which enables operators to monitor emergency calls made from train stations. Each phone is connected to an Asterisk Server (an open-source PBX, Telephony engine) and has two buttons: call to the police or call to the main office of the train station. At the moment a call is made, information about it is sent to the VISIA system (Nexera’s proprietary video surveillance system) and then saved in a log. An Operator can obtain information about any alarm calls from the Asterisk Server directly as well as they can manage the server.

Softjourn’s responsibility involved integration with Nexera’s Visia system. SOAP was used to develop a web service to communicate with the Visia system. The application is multithreaded; one thread is always listening for calls, additional threads are started to process events from the Asterisk server (responding to alarms).

“We greatly appreciate the superb communication, as well as the responsive and responsible manner with which Softjourn approaches and addresses all issues.” David Greco - NEXERA S.c.p.A.

The next project consisted of developing additional functionality for Nexera’s VISIA system. The added features included adding the ability to locate a moving object (or several objects) in time using a camera. An algorithm analyzes the video frames and outputs the location of the moving targets within the video frame. The Softjourn project team involved a Project Manager and two Software developers. David Greco, our main contact with Nexera, had the following to say: “I am happy with the way things are coming together. Valeriy and Yevgeny are "on the ball”!

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Java, Java Applet, Spring Framework, JSP, XML, SOAP, JBoss 4 as Application Server, MySQL, Cent OS, Tomcat