8 minutes

The Need

Online video makes up one-third of consumer Internet traffic today, with a further half of traffic coming from file sharing. By 2013, online video is forecast to grow more than ten times, and with two to three times growth forecast in file sharing, video will comprise 90%+ consumer traffic.

A company specializing in the online video market is Pana Television who targets African viewers all over the world. Softjourn assisted Pana Television in the development of Internet-based ad-supported video platform for storing and streaming more than a 1000 videos.

The Solution

Platform selection

Our team researched various online video platforms including Brightcove and Ooyala. Eventually, we’ve chosen Brightcove, as its API allowed more functionality and flexibility. Such characteristics were exactly what was needed for modern users. 

Social sharing as a key focus

Softjourn developed both front-end and back-end parts of the PanaTV website, making sure the website was optimized for social sharing. Users can log in using their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Registered users can invite their Facebook friends and Gmail contacts to join the website and watch their favorite videos on PanaTV.


Coding language: PHP Framework: Zend DB: MySQL API: Brightcove API

The Benefits

  • Fast and easy to navigate video website which has the needed functionality for streaming videos and necessary social media integration. 
  • Customer servicing increased tremendously due to internal analytics implementation
  • 21 k Facebook like generated due to the user friendly functionality
  • User experience was improved because of the bunch of the new features added.

"It was a great team, communication was excellent, the frequency of communication was good as well as how fast the team responded to my questions and changes!" - Daniel Ogbonna, Founder at Pana Television