Case Study
8 minutes


Using mobile devices to order food and drinks from your seat at sporting events was introduced a decade ago. But user uptake has been slow, driving less than 5 percent of concession payment volume in recent years. Today, however, the trend towards a mobile, on-demand economy is revitalizing the decade-old concept.

Over the years, Softjourn, has developed APIs for restaurant platforms, expanding its ability to serve new restaurant clients and improving the guest experience. Is it possible to deliver similar benefits in a sporting situation?

The Need

Many sporting events organizers want to make it easy for fans to purchase food and beverages without missing any of the sport action. The most obvious solution is associated with ordering items directly within a mobile app. 

The Solution

Softjourn enhanced a restaurant platform to accommodate the requirements of sporting event organizers, creating a custom in-seat mobile ordering and payment app. And, because Softjourn was able to use an existing web/mobile API, the server side required only minor changes—a development strategy that accelerated project delivery.

The Softjourn team completed this project in just six weeks.

To use the app, fans would:

  • Launch the app, create a user profile and navigate to the order page.
  • Choose a seat number from a preloaded list.
  • Order and receive notification of the charge via email, including a copy of the order.