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Softjourn has been a software development partner for a number of companies in prepaid business. We have worked with PayPartners, an Atlanta-based company for 4+ years developing and maintaining their payroll system for the unbanked. We have also worked with Pex, a corporate visa prepaid company to develop mobile apps that enable Pex customers to perform cash management functions from their mobile devices on the go.

The Need

A CRM is an incredibly valuable asset that usually sits at the core of many procedures throughout an organization. Many software vendors such as SalesForce, SAP and Oracle offer enterprise CRM systems to appeal to most businesses. However, each business has its in-house processes that aren’t always built into CRM solutions.

One of our customers, PEX, faced a situation where they needed to change the way they added new customers to their SalesForce CRM.

After successfully working with Softjourn on developing mobile extensions for PEX services, they turned to us again with a request to make the process of adding a new customer easier.

The Solution

Adding a new customer used to be pretty much a manual process for PEX and involved four steps:

  • Filling out a customer form on the PEX website;
  • Moving the data manually to SalesForce;
  • Sending the customer profile to LexisNexis do a background check of the company and its contact person.
  • Sending the account to the bank to issue payment cards.

In order to accelerate the process, the Softjourn team integrated the PEX website, SalesForce and LexisNexis service, so that all steps are now done automatically without PEX employees manually do all the steps.


Coding Languages:

  • PHP 
  • API: Salesforce, Lexisnexis

The Benefits

The result is a streamlined way of adding new customers, which will make the process faster and easier for PEX.