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When you decide to go mobile you need someone who loves mobile development. We love mobile. This love started back in 2008 from the iOS app, when we have successfully delivered a number of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch solutions. But his love cannot remain monogamous. There were so many tempting platforms so we decided to date others such as  Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry and didn’t miss. They are all fantastic in their own way.

The Need

With the digital age, the television industry has transformed rapidly, offering more interactive experiences with a second screen. Research from Google has shown that 77% of people watch TV with another device in hand. Just check how busy Twitter and Facebook feeds are during prime time shows or important games!

Our client, a technology trend-setter, SnappyTV, developed an easy-to-use, powerful platform that makes live streams and TV broadcasts social, mobile and viral! One of their customers, a major international media company, decided to enhance the mobile experience for viewers of a popular TV show, by offering the exciting social interaction options that the SnappyTV platform has to offer.

The Solution

Tough decision 

There were already iPhone and Android solutions for this particular TV show. But in order to increase downloads and get growth in needed activities we decided to build Android app from scratch. It was the only way to get the most out of SnappyTV’s platform.

Users engagement model

Our idea was to offer viewers second-screen functionality on their Android devices and allow them to caption moments from the show, add comments to these pics, and share them on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Fans can also follow specific hashtags and be involved in further conversations on social networks.  


  • Languages: Java
  • SDK: Android
  • API: SnappyTV proprietary api

The Benefits

The number of downloads increased after second-screen implementation
Revenue growth due to advertisement amount on app

"Softjourn was quick, capable, independent and results driven!" - Dan Halabe, Sr. Software Engineer at SnappyTV

SnappyTV - Softjourn's streaming client logo
SnappyTV (Acquired by Twitter) is a cloud-based social video publishing and distribution platform that allows content owners to edit and share rich media content across web, mobile and social in real-time. SnappyTV is changing how media companies create digital content, making it seamless and inexpensive to provide content to a digital audience. The SnappyTV platform allows content owners to quickly and easily create video clips, highlight reels, full digital segments, GIFs, photos and memes from over-the-air broadcasts in real-time and publish instantly to social media, the web and mobile.