Case Study
8 minutes

Toronto-based Tacit Innovations is a leader in the order-and-payments business, offering a flexible and easy-to-implement solution that delivers proven results. It works with large clients in managed food services, retail, sports and entertainment, and the hotel industry. Its proprietary maegan™ platform makes it convenient, quick and easy for guests to order in advance and pay for meals and other items on their mobile phones or tablets, or via the web or self-service kiosks.


In response to consumers’ growing interest in the Apple Pay mobile wallet, Tacit Innovations launched the capability in one of its mobile apps, which delivers the power of the maegan platform to consumers. With this added payment option, consumers could pay in-app with Apple Pay, choosing the credit card of their choice as the funding source.

The Need

To accelerate market penetration of the maegan app, Tacit Innovations needed to expand the user base to include consumers who prefer to fund their Apple Pay purchases using their debit cards as the funding source.

The Solution

Interac is Canada’s leading domestic debit payment network, with nearly 30 million active debit cards and 6 billion debit transactions annually. Adding Interac as a funding source for in-app Apple Pay transactions expands the appeal of the maegan app to consumers who prefer debit spending. This includes a significant part of the millennial population, which also is a key audience for order-and-pay purchasing.

Tacit Innovations turned to Softjourn to create the first-ever code to enable in-app Apple Pay purchases from Interac debit cards, significantly expanding potential maegan app users.

Bonapp, a leading Canadian order-ahead food app that is the first Tacit Innovations client to deploy the Softjourn-developed code, illustrates how consumers pay with Interac.

We are the first to go live with an Apple Pay-Interac integration. Our collaboration with Softjourn has allowed us to improve the customer experience, while also building relationships with Interac and Moneris and creating a name for ourselves in the payments industry.

Brenda Crainic, CTO, Tacit Innovations

The Benefits
  • Expands potential user base. Empowers consumers who don’t have a credit card to pay with Apple Pay for their order-and-pay-ahead purchases.  
  • Removes barrier to adoption. Attracts dedicated Apple Pay users who prefer debit.
  • Delivers a superior customer experience. The order-and-payment process is frictionless.