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First published: July 30, 2015

The Need

The number of bank transactions made through smartphone apps is growing by leaps and bounds—doubling in the last year. With this kind of growth, our client, the Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC), decided to add mobile banking to the suite of services it offers 60+ banks in Ukraine and abroad. UPC is a leader in financial processing and outsourcing in Ukraine, processing card transactions, providing ATM support, and developing payment solutions for member banks.

The Solution

Mobile adjustment

UPC had already developed an SMS-banking solution called Mobi&Card, so Softjourn’s task was to develop smartphone applications that would communicate with the  Mobi&Card server. We kicked off with Android, as the most popular platform in Ukraine. To enable banking operations, our first solutions included cash-flow monitoring, checking account balances, blocking cards that had been stolen, requesting a change in card limits for online transactions, and more.

Security matters

Security is, of course, a very important issue and one of the biggest concerns when it comes to mobile banking. According to a recent survey published by IOActive, a security assessment company, about 70% of the apps on the market today have no support at all for two-factor authentication. So our client requested that we add security, especially for high-risk operations, such as blocking a card.


Server side: Programming language: Java 2EE Database: Oracle Framework: Spring Framework, Hibernate jQuery Mobile: SDK: iOS, Android Programming languages: Java, Objective C; Other development tools: Xcode 5.0

The Benefits

  • Fraud issues reduced thanks to an autonomous fraud control system.
  • New offers to promote for marketing campaigns
Ukrainian Processing Centre (UPC) - Softjourn financial client logo

Ukrainian Processing Centre (UPC) is a card transaction processing company, founded in 1997 in Ukraine.

UPC is part of the Raiffeisen Bank International AG Group (Austria). UPC offers processing services, e-commerce services, as well as provides ATM support and develops payment solutions for banks.