Why Face Recognition is a Demanding Technology?

Facial recognition is a robust technology that can improve events in various ways. It has been enhancing security and also personalizing the experience. In this article, we are going to explain all of the important aspects that event professionals need to understand about the advanced technology of facial recognition.

What Facial Recognition Addresses?

Technology is a fast-developing era with a few innovations bordering on mind-blowing. Presently, the tech revolution is disrupting our lives.  To complete daily tasks, we unconsciously depend on the support of technology, and it is transforming our life drastically.

Humans can easily identify known people. However, we have the ability to remember and discriminate individuals. But this concept is not efficient all of the time. For example, if you have the plan to organize an event you will need a technology which can recognize all guests in a smart way. So, today, we have come up with different forms of authentication, and three different forms of authentication are as follow:

  • Something that the user has
  • Something that the user knows
  • Who the user is

Facial recognition belongs to the third form of authentication. This advanced software can identify a person through a database of faces—privilege information is not needed in this software.

Technological developments have increased transparency and reduced cost as well. Consequently, we also see huge adoption of this software in other industries (e.g., social media, airports, and cell phones).

How Facial Recognition Improves Your Event?

The capability to recognize people in a scalable and non-intrusive manner that has substantial advantages and many use cases. In other domains, facial recognition has been utilized for access control, time attendance, surveillance, enhancing the user experience, personalized marketing, and extracting analytics. Presently, the event industry is happy to explore all of the benefits.

Five applications of Facial Recognition Technology

  1. Access control: A terror attack can happen at any corner of the world. So, all event agencies should take care of the process of identification. Facial recognition provides the ability to ensure that authorized attendees are in the event. This software makes the checking process easier than ever. The system sounds like an alarm if it doesn’t match an identity, so people can alert about the person. In that way, event agencies can diminish the chances of threat.
  2. ID Check: The ID checking process is very time-consuming. In many places, ID checking of a person before walking into the event is compulsory by law enforcement. On the other hand, the ID authentication is imposed by regulation during the liquor sales. Undoubtedly, it is not an easy task for a human to check all ID’s or you can say there is a factor of transparency. So, it's better to use facial recognition technology to simplify this checking process.
  3. Missing Persons: It used to be that a missing person’s name was announced repeatedly or sometimes an event would be stopped for the announcement.  Today, if you suddenly realize that one of your friends wanders off at a music event, they can be found easily and in a short period of time with the support of facial recognition software and many surveillance cameras.  With the support of facial recognition, event managers can identify the person quickly. In a similar way, it helps the security process of an event as well.
  4. Session Tracking: Event planners frequently want to track attendees individually. At the least, to understand how many sessions a person attends during the event. Face recognition is one of the most hassle-free ways to track attendee’s activity, be it for the attendee engagement, security, event gamification, etc. With this recognition software, the event planners can easily count people who are present in the room during the session, and they can effortlessly track all the records.
  5. Watchlists: Well, it’s an extremely effective way to increase security. It can scan people before entering the venue, and also ensure that they have a clean record. Previously, we mentioned that humans have the power to remember people they know well. But it’s not possible for us to recall a person with all of his/her information because the human brain has some limitations. In that case, facial recognition software can make things easier, faster and more efficient.

Wrapping Up!

Surely, facial recognition is reducing the workload of event planners and offering a better experience to the event agencies that help them stay ahead of the curve. This concept is one of the most ideal solutions for all the stakeholders because it’s faster and more affordable. Importantly, it enhances security and simplifies face recognition. Coming days, tech revolution, as well as mobile and web application development will surely introduce more innovation in this ever-changing market place.


Ritesh Patil, Mobisoft Infotech – leading Android and iOS application development company