8 minutes

The Need

Viamericas was using a Check21 solution provided by a nationwide bank. They were also growing at a rapid pace. Given their agents’ acceptance of the solution, Viamericas knew that they would soon outgrow their current system. So Viamericas decided to build its own solution, working with Softjourn and with the assistance of their financial institution. 
Being a mature business, Viamericas knew what they wanted (and did not want) in their own application. The goal was to create both operational and economic efficiencies.

The Solution

Check21 interfaced

Softjourn interfaced with the current Check21 solution provider to design, develop and test the process of sending electronic cash letters and receiving electronic return files.

On hold feature

We also included new functionality previously unavailable with the current solution, such as the ability to put checks on hold automatically based on system-wide restrictions established at the central Viamericas location.

Software integration

Another important part of the new approach was the integration of optical character recognition (OCR) software into the final solution. Softjourn initially researched solutions from 10 vendors, performed in-depth testing of 5 solutions, and then presented the best solutions to Viamericas for their final selection.

The Benefits

  • 1 year of payback (fast!)
  • Ability to acquire and add new agents, along with market advantage

"Our agents like working with the new Viacheck system over our old solution! Their work is consolidated on a couple of screens making it much easier for them to use." - Esteban Bernal, VP of Engineering

"This project puts our company in a competitive advantage with regards to our competitors because we were able to emulate what large banks are doing quickly and effectively even before some of them launch their own product, providing unbanked customers with the means to use financial services." - Luis Gonzalez, CFO at Viamericas