8 minutes

The Need

YUDU Media is a leading provider of digital publishing and conversion solutions, with a trail-blazing online publishing platform that handles over 1,000 publications a day.

YUDU turned to Softjourn with an idea for a solution that would track data packets sent from existing YUDU applications and publications, and allow reports on that data to be viewed by authorized users.

The Solution

Different YUDU apps and publications are used by different YUDU clients for a wide range of purposes, so the content of data packets varies widely among clients. The solution had to be stand-alone, separate from existing YUDU software, yet able to receive tracking data from it.

YUDU and Softjourn agreed to go with a single-tenant solution. This function enables a separate instance of the same system to be deployed for each client who wishes to use it. Since each instance only ever receives data for a single client, there’s no risk of administrators seeing data for other clients. The team started with setting up an ElasticSearch in order to search for all reports, filters and different options. The second step was creating a report application.

Our client did not have any specific technology preferences, so we suggested going with Java, as it is cross-platform, “Write once, run anywhere” language.  It turned out to be a perfect match.


Java, ElasticSearch, MySql, AngularJS

The Benefits

YUDU now has a report application through which users are able to record data transmitted from the company’s apps, and to display that data in the desired reports. The users are also able to simply view, record, filter, and add new reports.